Building a Wrestling Ring Doesn’t Have to be so TOUGH

Making a wrestling ring is fun. It is also an easy process that takes a small amount of materials and a weekend of your time. Follow these easy instructions to build your own backyard wrestling ring.

Make your frame as sturdy as possible:

It is always best to get your wresting ring frame as an entire unit rather than buying separate pieces and trying to fit them together. You will need four metal posts for the sides and shorter metal pieces. Make sure the posts are at least 10 feet long and are sturdy, and that the side pieces attach to each other as well as to the posts.

Add a cable to reduce tension:

You need to add a cable at the bottom of the frame in a criss-cross pattern, this eases the tension placed on the ropes and makes the frame more durable. Without the cable your frame and thus your entire ring will fall apart.

Give the ring a spring effect:

wrestling ring

Some people place cross beams across the center of the ring and then place a sort of center spring. This is the best way to give your wrestling ring a bounce but there is a cheaper way. Spread ply board across the center. These provide a spring effect at a much cheaper price. if you bolt them properly, they will not slip, nor will they break.

Give the ring its finishing touches:

Adding the ropes and the mat of the ring are the two final steps. Gymnastic mats are ideal but since they are expensive, cover them with canvas to make sure they last a long time. Attach the mat to the sides of the frame with ropes pulled as tight as possible to add to the bounce of the ring. To attach your rope, you will need a high tension rope, turn buckle pipes, duct tape and good padding material. Cover the ropes with duct tape and attach them to the posts via the turn buckle pipes. In the corners of the ring, you will need to pad the rope and then cover the padding with duct tape. To make sure the ropes will sustain the tension, pull them as tight as possible and tighten the turn buckles after each use.

Whoever said building a wrestling ring was hard did not try this method. Follow the instructions above to prove that you can have fun while making a wrestling ring.

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