Business iPhone Apps To Succeed In Your Business

This article discusses about two of the top business iPhone apps that help businesses in achieving a positive growth status. Have a look:


This iPhone app is available for $19.99. It delivers process control to benefit the iPhone users. It can help in keeping record of person, place, time, and projects in an organized manner. Because of OmniFocus,gathering all the essential info related to personal records or some plan products becomes easier. In fact, OmniFocus has been awarded with the STYLE PRIZE for Best Efficiency App. The app has gone through various modification and updates for highest level of improvisation. The latest version includes Prediction Perspective as well a certain Assistance for catching all the projects from the very innovative SIRI. To be very honest, OmniFocus is definitely one of the best and most effective iPhone apps available presently. It has an easy interface to work with that just allows all the necessary works to get done.

OmniFocus – Essential Features:

  • It becomes easier to arrange tasks according to objectives being set with the help of Tasks, and then slowly working towards those objectives in a more effective way by Collection Tasks using Situations.

  • A new process can be easily created in the app. And yes, the user can simply deliver the Tasks from other apps too like Opera & Twittelator.

  • Once a process start becoming due, announcements are made to make the user aware of the situation.

  • Planning of the daily tasks can be don by Record Close by judging the situations or even watching them on maps.

  • The user can easily notify SIRI about his/her thoughts that passes directly to the user’s OmniFocus mailbox.

  • It’s easy to connect images & audio to the Career Notices. The images & audio can be connected also with other duplicates of the OmniFocus.

Podio – Free:

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This iPhone app is available for free. With the help of Podio, the iPhone gets the power to perform with the user group, anywhere, anytime. And then, there is no additional cost for this. Everything is 100% free. Through Podio, the user can easily develop several different types of Perform Applications. However, these apps are conceptualized base on the users workflow and used procedures. They can be uses not only in iPhones but also in iPads. It becomes easier to handle any type of work, be it tasks, prospects or any other things, on the go. Podio is not only about discussing works; rather, it helps in getting the work done from anywhere.Podio makes the working concept less complicated – less spreadsheets, minimum emails, and no time limit makes the app a very handy and useful one.

Podio- Essential Features:

Workspaces – It helps in bringing together the perfect group and creating the opportunity to work together from anywhere.

Podio Applications – There are several apps available free of cost from Podio that helps in handling prospects, projects, job applicants, services, etc.

Social Activity Sources – This is one of the most amazing features. It notifies about improvement up-dates on simply anything related to the user work field and that too, in real time. It becomes easier to discuss about information, status, & hyperlinks all together under one common roof.

While there are many iPhone apps for business purpose, these two definitely tops the list. Because of the easy and simple working interface, these two apps have received such high level of popularity among the iPhone users.


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