Can 2 Way Radios be used as a Cell Phone Substitute?

Over the last decade or so, cell phones – or Smartphones – have developed beyond recognition from their clunky, unwieldy predecessors.Now days, with a phone in your pocket you can organize your entire life, speak to your friends and do most things you need to do in the office all using this one little device in the palm of your hand.

Sat Nav, Instant messaging, cameras, email video – phones these days can do the lot.So it may seem like a strange question to pose – but can two-way radios be used as a genuine replacement for a cell phone?

Frankly, the answer is no. Not so long ago there may have been a case to make for the radios but the speed at which technology has developed and been packed into a small metal case that fits in your pocket has moved it out of the league of the humble radio.

Phones for example, give you the ability to call anyone in the world from pretty much everywhere; they can connect to the internet, putting untold amount of information at your fingertips. Capture memories, order a pizza or find your way home, there isn’t much you can’t do with your phone in tow.

two way radios

All the while radios are limited to one primary function, which is to allow instant communication. There’s no bulging color screen to watch HD video on or in-built memory to store thousands of songs and TV shows.

All things considered, these are two technologies that don’t sit comfortably next to one another.But maybe, the question posed in the first place isn’t the right one. It shouldn’t be ‘Can a two-way radio be a replacement for a cell phone?’ It should be ‘when do I need a radio instead of a cell phone?’

That’s how different the technologies are. For example, radios are perfect for businesses and foremen on constructions sites; the ability to speak to every single one of your colleagues or just one at the push of a button without having to wait for a phone to ring or having to dial a number could be vital.

Equally, their superior battery life, low operating cost and ease of use make them perfect for certain environments and situations that mobile phones simply aren’t suitable for.Imagine a construction site Forman trying to fumble with a touch screen smart phone when trying to warn 50 workers of a crucially important health and safety warning, one that could prevent people from being seriously hurt.

That of course can be applied the other way round; the likelihood of a young teenager picking up a radio instead of a phone to chat to friends is very small indeed. However a 2 way radio for leisure communications is a different scenario altogether.

Waterproof radios are perfect for outdoor winter activities including skiing, fishing and extreme sports and are great for group communication for use on family holidays. Some models as such as the Cobra MT800 have VOX (voice activation) and are ideal for use as a baby monitor.

Since both devices were born, the developments of different technologies have taken them in very different directions. The path phones have taken since their genesis in the 1980’s mean that comparing them directly to radios which serve a specific function indeed is quite pointless. You would be much better off asking yourself what situation demands which device.

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