Ubiquitous Appeal and Competitive Features of HTML 5

Technology is fast advancing and even before we know it, the entire face of it seems to have undergone serious revivals. The various examples of this can be seen around everywhere around us, whether it is our TV screen, or the handsets and gadgets that we use or even the core technology that we use to develop fastidious applications with. In a similar example, even HTML has advanced to its latest HTML 5 version. And just like it is the case with advancements and progress, the newer version is much more competitive, packed with advanced features and functionality and provides web developers and designers with much improved ways for marking up the content. Here in this article we shall discuss various core concepts of HTML 5 and how it is a boon for the pervasive and ever expanding web and mobile development company. 

Web Development, mobile environment and HTML 5

In this section, we shall cover the various poignant features which the HTML 5 technology brings to the world of web design, especially with regards to the fast growing mobile technology. In short, we shall cover how HTML 5 is best suited to meet the mobile platforms such as smart phones, tablets and ultra books.

html 5 technology

  • Fast and easy availability

As a platform, HTML 5 is truly ubiquitous and its popularity is only going to grow in the coming times. Besides, since the platform is readily available and free to use, different developers can use the very many features of this platform and give light to their dream projects, concepts and idea, while keeping the budget well in place.

  • Offers strong compatibility with different platforms

html 5 features

In the present day world, Google, Apple and BlackBerry seems to be ruling the charts in terms of advanced mobile technology, and have captured over 50% of market shares. HTML 5 is a platform that has been relentlessly supported and backed by Google and Apple, as it makes the websites extremely mobile compatible. Web applications developed under this technology are easily supported by different Operating Systems.

  • Best platform for developing Mobile Games and other apps

html 5 platform

The various tags and intrinsic functionality which the technology comes laced with contribute significantly towards game development and assist the mobile app developers thoroughly in the process. The developers can easily make use of various 3D and 2D games and include various Flash elements in order to provide their clients with the best features in the game.

  • Provides a superlative user experience and user interaction while developing

In a day and age where businesses seem to walk an extra mile to provide the users with amazing user experience and improve the interaction, HTML 5 seems to come packed in with all those features. This advanced markup language provides an amazingly interactive programming interface, and along with that allows the developers to enjoy drag and drop functionality, storage capabilities for the database, easy communication and clearing browsing history and a lot more.

  • Fastidious support to various current typographies

Development, after all, is not enough. We need to market and promote the projects with the right mix of fonts, color, packaging, layout and a lot more. HTML 5 functions beautifully well on this frontier as it makes available a number of fonts and typography options and hence allows the developers to make the theme much more beautiful and attractive.

  • Fully interactive with the Wi-Fi

html 5 functions

Wi-Fi has taken a prime spot in the present day world riding high on the easy connectivity with the internet. Since various electronic gadgets are wi-fi enabled, as a technology used for developing applications and websites for these platform, HTML 5 aids in developing web and mobile applications fully compatible with wi-fi tethering.

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An End Note

Now that we have discussed various multi disciplinary features of HTML 5 platform, we can easily conclude that it is the best available technology for developing mobile web applications and meticulous platforms. Besides, with the advent of CSS 3, various mobile app development centers are synergizing the competitive features of both of these platforms and are turning up with amazing, fully functional and robust websites and web applications, which are fully responsive and thoroughly compatible with several platforms.

In a day an age where mobile technology and mobile web browsing is estimated to take over the other conventional means of surfing through the internet, HTML 5 development is a blessing of the sorts to the world of Information Technology and web development.


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