Is Your Blog A Business Or A Hobby? – Complete Facts on Blogging

This article post would consider often repeated mistakes in blogging and how this could be avoided in future. Blogging is indeed not an unenjoyable pastime and many people are indeed addicted to blogs and blog related activities in a large scale. However, there are indeed major areas of concern regarding the safe and optimum ways by which blogging could be done hassle-free and without later issues. The following tips need to be kept in mind that could not only make blogging more exhilarating but also productive, especially for blog readers.

Tip # 1: The name of the blog should be kept simple and safe, in order that it does not slip one’s memory, etc. It should also be ensured that the domain name and the blog name should remain the same to avoid future confusion, etc. The principle that may be invoked – Keep It Simple and Stupid for better mnemonics, retention and recall. In the event separate names are given for domain and blog, it is quite possible that this be forgotten which could lead to loss, or compromise of blogging actions and activities at later time and date

Tip # 2: As far as could be possible, blog owners should refrain from gimmicks to make people read their blogs, and thus the use of gimmicks like auto-loading music,etc should be actively discouraged since it distracts visitors from the main issue of reading printed blog contents to other superfluous, and unnecessary matters. The core issue in blogs is for people to read the blog contents and not spend time on other unrelated issues.

Blogging Facts

Tip # 3: Plagiarism is also a major issue of grave concern; especially since the world wide web and internet is a global repository for both claimed and unclaimed property rights writings. It is difficult and sometimes even impossible to gain first mover prerogatives and privileges and original authorship could indeed be contentious if not highly controversial. Thus, blog owners should make doubly sure that all contents are 200% free of plagiarism of any kind, intentional or surreptitious, since there is absolutely no legal differences between deliberate and inadvertent plagiarism, and is nevertheless  a crime, per se.

Tip # 4: It is indeed the duty of the blog creator and writer to ensure optimization of contents and for this it may be necessary to do things on one’s own and not really seek out SEO tools, or Search Engine Optimization tools and techniques, which may also be advised, if possible. It is well documented that effective usage of keywords could help created improved and solid content while simultaneously also providing better online visibility for the blog. This way it is quite possible that the blogs become more informative, educative and fun, while increasing the number of hits too.

Tip# 5: Finally, please don’t disregard planning of blog contents: Bloggers need to have a baseline plan on how to publish new contents on customary basis.  Ideas could be noted in diary and posted regularly as and when one has the time and inclination to do so. Besides, posts could be lined up, and also emergency ones made that could ensure that blog writers are never short of posts and ideas for publication. A steady and constant flow of blogs is indeed what the doctor ordered.

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