Cool Android And iPhone Apps for The Visually Impaired

Here are four wonderful new apps that act as visual aids for visually impaired people, and the close friends and family who care about them.

Pocket Braille for iPhone

Pocket Braille for iPhone is ideal for anybody who has an interest in Braille or the family and friends of a person with visual impairment.  This nifty little pocket guide walks you through how a Braille cell works, the alphabet and numbers in Braille, one and two cell word signs, basic grammar rules and how the signs are used together. Before you know it, you’ll understand the basic principles.  The programme is also accessible via Voice Over.

VisionSim Application for iPhone and Android

This is the Braille Institute’s app that was created to allow a person with average sight to experience life through the eyes of someone with a degenerative eye disease.  The diseases featured on the app include: macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataracts.

android and iPhone apps

A touch screen control makes it easier for users to find the four simulators and replicate the symptoms of the diseases. This is a handy app for loved ones and friends of sufferers, in order to get a unique glance into the sometimes frustrating and confusing private world of a eye disease sufferer. Using a touch screen control, the user can adjust the severity of the symptoms.  It’s possible to save real-time images and then share them with other devices later or on social media.

Visolve Colour Vision Correction for iPhone

This software assists people with colour blindness to view photos in a functional way and differentiate between colours.  This type of software has been available on PC for quite some time, and now is available on iPhone.  The software has the flexibility to overcome the limitations of red-green colour blindness,  blue-yellow colour blindness and also work with the filters and saturation to make the best colour combinations on the phone.  These transformations help colour-blind people to distinguish the colours for themselves or guess the normal colour. The app could be used in many scenarios with indiscriminate or confusing colour combinations, to make the picture clearer, such as road signs or posters.  This software could also act as a simulator for people with average sight who want to experience what it’s like being colour blind.

Night Vision Camera for Android

This is the latest night vision camera application available for Android.   The application works by maximising your device’s camera and available light, even in the dark.  The image will auto-adjust to allow improved visibility in low light conditions.  You can save images with a single button press and control the camera flash to maximise visibility.  It’s important to remember that phone cameras don’t use infra red technology like proper night vision does. Therefore the  quality of the picture through night vision will vary from device to device.

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