Do not believe SEO Gurus all the time; they are misguiding you

I can vividly remember those posts that speak loudly and clearly about the benefits of doing social bookmarks and submit website in some directories. But things have changed drastically once the penguin update goes live. All of a sudden, we see the death of SEO as we know it and then we see everyone around started lambasting the concept of submission altogether being oblivious of the fact that they have been doing the same for the last couples of years. So, now we have a new concept doing the round and it is “Link Earning”. Sounds great but the thing is that the methods some SEO gurus have been dictating for the last couples of months are not in sync with the reality of things.

Do not take it otherwise, but these so called SEO gurus are simply misguiding you and giving your false promises that you will be able to earn links by following their tips. Do not get yourself in trouble. You will certainly not be able to revive your online marketing prospect with the following strategies that most SEO gurus are advocating strongly. However, this post is certainly not a myth buster rather this is an attempt to make you see the reality of thing so that you make the most informed decision:

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Link Come Naturally: This is a lie; an outright lie. You simply cannot be so naïve to believe this. But these SEO gurus are adamant and promoting propaganda that by promoting your brand image, you will be able to get links from varied sources. This may be true with big brands like Coca Cola, SEOMoz etc because they have already strengthened their brand presence and this is the reason why people around the world are voluntarily giving link back to these sites. But as a new entrant to this niche, you have to work hard to the bone to get your message across and therefore, if you are into the believe that people will automatically bump on your website and then take the pain to give a link back to your website out of sheer humanity, you are completely mistaken. This may happen in Utopia but the real life is certainly not like this.

Social Signal is stronger than links: Great innovation I must call it. So, if you do believe that only having great presence in social media circle is enough to skyrocket your website’s presence in the SERP, go do it then; forget everything about links. You may find it hard to believe after attending so many SEO and SEM conferences that links are still important. Penguin update is not about links rather it is about devastating blog and link networks that have been making a mockery of the SERP. Google is still very much dependent on links otherwise it would have taken down the concept of PR. Google is reducing its dependency on links as it is incorporating other signals but that does mean that you have to scrap the concept of link building altogether.

Anchor Text Causes Penalty: This is half true and as you know half truth causes more harm than a blatant lie. Of course, I do agree that if you continue using targeted keywords as anchor texts for all the links that you are building, your website will be vulnerable to Penguin. So, you need to maintain an ideal balance of targeted keywords, branded keywords and other types of anchor texts to make the whole process of link building look natural. But majority of SEO gurus are preaching that you should not be building a single link with targeted keyword. This is bullshit. Just remember the fact that you should not be abusing the algo and maintain a balance of different varieties of anchor texts and then you will be just fine.

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