How To Get A Huge Number Of Like Within A Short Time Span

On conducting a small experiment to find out if number of “Like” can be increased, it was found that a huge number as many as 10,000 “Like” were received within a short span of 4 weeks. This was done by covering major events that take place in India. Here are a few steps that led to the process of earning such a huge number of “Like” –

1)      Facebook tabs should have rich content – The first important thing to remember is that content matters a lot. It also matters how you display your content. You can make use of Tint to create gorgeous Facebook tabs with rich content. Assemble various kind of important news of substance from publishers and then upload the same on our Facebook page. Tints only help you to enrich your content make them attractive for your followers.

2)      Post Images over Links and Status Updates – It is important to add up relevant humorous and required images in every post uploaded. The growth of every post needs to be observed carefully. It was found that more “Like” was received when a powerful image was uploaded in comparison to a simple one. Sparkling content from the very beginning helps to earn more “Like”.

facebook likes

3)      Facebook Ads – The easiest way to get more number of “Like” is by creating an advertisement on Facebook. It is difficult to manage the financial part and make optimum use of the ad at the same time. It is very important to test A/B for every ad and make changes accordingly. If required you have to change the target audience depending on their interests, change gender, state or province while geo-targeting. The toughest part is to figure out the budgeting and reach the goal. It is important to find out which page will fare maximum response, the Facebook tab with content or the Facebook page itself.

4)      Tools – You need to use tools in order to measure the post performance. They help in analysing and tracking your public media marketing. This was vital as because it helped to access the optimal time to share in order to get maximum coverage on the Facebook page. This is again important as getting more number of “Like” for your posts on the Facebook page makes you more visible to your friends and community and their friends also.

5)      Building up a community – It is very important to interact with your fans and ask them questions. You can send request for options to them and offer incentives to invite their friends on your Facebook page through contests and campaigns by using various apps. This can help you to increase the number of your Facebook “Like” for no cost at all.

After doing many experiments the above methods fetched 10,000 “Like” within a short span of 4 weeks. These methods are useful and efficient. These methods can seek the attention of your targeted audience. It is important to constantly test the alternative methods and find the right way to get more “Like” with authenticity. Your content should be attractive and full of substance that can get attention of larger number of your fans and followers. Contents written with limitations can earn very few “Like”. One should only write or post something that has meaning in order to get “Like” as mere posts cannot attain the goal of getting a larger number likes as lesser number of people takes interest in such matters. The above mentioned methods if followed efficiently can help you increase your number of “Like” in a very short span…


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