Why Should We Use Featured Image in WordPress?

WordPress version 2.9 was the first to witness the introduction of featured images in wordpress. The featured image enables you to display images that are associated with your blog in different parts of your theme. This is the main reason why wordpress stands out in comparison to traditional CMSs. By implementing featured image in wordpress you can enhance the visual emergence of your website. However, most of the bloggers are not informed about the importance of featured image in wordpress. They need to do detailed research on wordpress to acquire sufficient information about featured image in wordpress. However, before we start acquiring information about featured image, we must first be aware about the meaning of featured image.

What is Featured Image?

Most of the bloggers wish to display the images associated to the blog on the home page of their website. This created the base for featured image in wordpress. It is just like the magazine type themes that do not make the use of images with the original post, but they put text snippets to use. However, it requires much work to be done by the user. Even a single post may require different sizes of the image. However, by making the use of featured image you just have to choose a thumbnail that you wish to display on the first page. Thus, it facilitates you to demonstrate images on your website and enhance its web presence.

Why Featured Image is not used properly?

wordpress featured image

Most of the bloggers does not make the use of featured image to its best potential. The main reason behind this is that featured image needs well-suited theme. However, there are many changes taking place everyday due to the latest updates available in wordpress. Presently this quality of featured image is supported even by the basic theme of wordpress i.e. twenty ten. However, there also exist many themes, which do not support this attribute. However, the recent designed and developed themes already contain pre-built support for featured images.

Why to use Featured Image in WordPress?

  • It facilitates the wordpress users to add on images in a pre-decided manner than they are added in the post body. The theme can make the use of featured image to give a rich quality and dependable HTML output.
  • You can easily separate featured images from the images that are being used in the post of your blog.
  • Featured image enables you to highlight the image for demonstrating it with excerpts.
  • Featured image plays a vital role for value blogging and better SEO results if they are being implemented in your blog post.
The main parts of any post are the title, content of the post and featured image. Most of the bloggers pay more attention on the title and content of the post while they totally overlook the attributes of featured image that is as important as the other two. Many of the people view featured image. This image is demonstrated subsequent to the title of the post and the blog page too. If you share your blog post on social media, then they can be also viewed from the social media sites.
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