File Storage Business – Is Anyone Left to Trust?

Now that all fuss around SOPA and PIPA has calmed down, and the story of how MegaUpload was closed seems less and less worrying, the users happen to be left preoccupied with a question: is there any company in the niche that you can trust?

Since we are all nothing, but mere human beings, and fear is, undoubtedly, one of our characteristically features, which, besides, turns out to be one of the strongest driving forces, in terms of how we might act. In this respect, the latest panic around MegaUpload has raised doubts about the cloudless future of the company’s rivals.

Our worries, here, were only maintained and strengthened, when the smaller companies, e.g. FileSonic claimed that they had closed the sharing feature, with the users being even now unable to get their uploaded files back.

So, can we trust file storages now? The answer is obvious: yes, we can. To start with, SOPA and PIPA have been taken off for good, and even though there might be presented similar documents in future; IT world has shown how it can fight the potential violation of human rights. Moreover, since some companies haven’t even felt any inconvenience in work in the middle of MegaUpload scandal, these can be considered rather reliable, regarding users’ data security and the strict Terms of Use.

file storage business

Among the reputable services, which are still at people’s disposal, there’re certainly a variety of them, like 4shared, or MediaFire, just to name a few. Both of them aren’t new to the field and comprise millions of devoted users in different parts of the world, though each service has got specific features to offer.

As for the peculiarities of Terms of Use, 4shared, for example, checks all uploaded content by special filters which may block files, if similar ones have been blocked earlier or if those include some of the popular search keywords of copyrighted and other violating titles, for example.

MediaFire also claims to have got rather strict Terms of Use and warns its users that the violation of them will lead to being blocked.

As for the functionality, MediaFire service has got considerable limitations in the number of features, enabled for free. As an example, free users don’t have a chance to download the whole folder at a time. At the same time, the range of available features for free users of 4shared is much wider, which makes it rather convenient for average people, who just wish to back up their essential files within cloud file storage. They can easily use the web-download function, for instance, and in such a way get access to necessary documents, or photos at one place.

Of course, the mentioned rivals aren’t the only ones, available on the current file storage market, their selection, in fact, is quite impressive, even if you’re a very fastidious user. Therefore, as long as you are reasonable enough to overcome your fears and realize the importance of backing up the most important files, just surf the Web, check the competitors’ functionality and make a choice.

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