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It can be very intimidating when you are faced with all the programming aspects and technical jargon of site building. It is no longer incredibly difficult to create your own website, especially when you consider all of the skills it takes to navigate and understand the net.

It is especially easy when you can now simply download programs, like free website builders that can help you along the way and make the entire process so much easier. You will still need to understand two major parts of programming language before you download the best free website builder. These two things are very important to website building, and it will make things so much easier on you if you understand them. They are:

HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language

HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language, is a sort of language that your computer interprets for websites. Your web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) then takes the HTML code and translates it into something we can understand (a website page). Coding, which is the way HTML is created and dictates the results you get on your web page, is also very important. Coding is pretty hard for people who are less familiar with the technical aspects of websites. Thankfully, there are programs such as the Microsoft Frontpage and the Macromedia Dreamweaver that can help you get a handle on such things. They are two of the most popular programs used to design professional websites.

Many of these programs can come with a pretty hefty price tag, which can make a lot of people feel disheartened. However! With the extremely high demand for website building programs, there are several free website building programs out there. There are even some programs that you do not have to download, though you won’t have nearly the amount of flexibility with the design of your website with those. If you want to browse around, many magazines and books have guides and tutorials to help you get your website set up quickly and easily.

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Here are some important features that any website builder (free or not) should have:

1 – There should be no requirement for HTML knowledge (although I do recommend learning the language). After all, the program is supposed to make things easier, not harder.

2 – User guides that are step-by-step are key, because they provide detailed information that makes it easier for you to use the website builder. It is also easier to learn when you have a step-by-step guide.

3 – Video tutorials are a very nice feature that helps even the most uncertain user feel more comfortable when using the program.

4 – Does it come with bells and whistles? Even if you don’t know what certain feature does, do your research and you might find that the more features it comes with, the better.

5 – Make sure that whatever website builder you choose, there are no spyware, adware, or malware viruses attached to it. Always do virus scans and download programs from reputable websites.

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