Get an Early Start on Spring Exterior Repairs for Your Home

Spring is the average weekend warrior’s favourite time of year. It is the season for do-it-yourself home improvement projects designed to spruce up your home after a hard few months of harsh winter weather.

Spring cleaning allows you to spruce up your home and improve its appearance for another year. Here is a list of the top spring cleaning do-it-yourself  exterior repairs for your home designed to keep your handyman busy during the entire “spring cleaning” season.

  • Give your home a power wash: Winter grime from snow and ice storms can really leave its mark on your home’s siding. Likewise, dirt can build up in the crevices and gaps found in your decks, porches, and walk ways. This spring give your home surfaces a good cleaning with a power wash.
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint: After giving your home a power wash, you may discover that your siding and trim could use a new coat of paint. Freshen up the surfaces of your home with bright colors.

spring exterior repairs

  • Clean out your gutters: The fall and winter seasons can wreak havoc on your gutters causing leaves and other debris to build up and clog them. If left unattended, this could damage your gutters and your home’s exterior. Find a ladder and clean out your gutters this spring.
  • Add a new deck or refinish the old one: Outdoor space is coveted during the warmer months. Home-owners enjoy entertaining friends and family with cook outs and other social gatherings. Consider adding a deck to your home for added living space. If you have a deck, take time to refinish it so it is in prime condition for entertaining.
  • Replace your windows: Replacing your old windows with new, energy efficient ones adds value to your home and can lead to cost savings in the future through cheaper utility bills. Home owners who replace their windows can also qualify for tax credits. If your windows are in good condition, make sure the screens are functional.
  • Clean out your garage: Make effective use out of your garage and other storage spaces by clearing out all of the old junk. Consider installing new shelving units for added organization and functionality.

Making annual exterior repairs for your home will ensure that your home stays in great condition for years to come, and it will improve the value of it should you go to resale it in the future.

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