Getting More Blog Comments On Your Blog

Blog Comments are proofs of the engagement your blog encourages with your readers. In this article, we will talk about the techniques you can implement to encourage more comments in your blog. Let the lessons begin!


Let’s start with the most basic. First lesson: Reply to your comments. Yes, every single one of them. Even a simple “Thank you” or “You are awesome!” must be replied to. Yes, even those who disagree with you and criticize and at certain times even condemn your blog by bombarding it with grammatically incorrect absurdities, must be told to go back to grammar school. Believe it or not, being active with the people who comment on your blog by answering their queries or even just commenting back actually leads to a mountain of even more comments! So go on and give those haters some love!



Lesson one actually leads on to the second lesson: Giving your readers a reason to comment. If there is absolutely no reason to leave a comment then by some mysterious factor your blog will actually not have any! It’s quite bizarre don’t you think? Kidding aside, you have to give your readers something, anything! People will comment on the simplest enticement with much ease. All you have to do is give them that little enticing something and they’ll gladly give you a bite!

HOLD CONTESTS!free blog contests

If you are absolutely in the need for a hundred thousand comments in an hour then lesson three is for you! In a situation like this there is only one thing you can do, and we all love it, you must hold a contest! Yehey! One hundred thousand views surpassed! Sponsor a gift check, a free DVD or even a foot massage! It doesn’t matter that much what you’re giving out as a prize, just make sure it’s not something that nobody will be interested in and you’ll be fine! Let’s face it, not all of your viewers will be millionaires who can pretty much buy anything they want. In fact ninety nine percent will probably be normal chaps like you and me, and we all like free stuff! So give us free stuff and we’ll comment to the death!


Lesson four: leave some space for the ideas of your readers. Ending your posts with questions such as “What are your views about this topic” or “Leave a comment below about your ideas” or anything similar will work miracles on your comment counter. Interaction is always a good thing if you want traffic to stream to your blog. Also, letting the readers state their own state of mind makes them feel like they are part of your blog and whatever topic you are talking about in your site and they will love you for it. So keep asking them and of course, love them back!


Lessons one to four tackled the importance of interaction if you want traffic to flow onto your blog. There are other ways to increase traffic to your blog such as SEO. Look it up if you want to know more about it!

So there you have it! Take these lessons to heart and one day you will have more comments on your blog than you can ever reply to! Have fun blogging!


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