Google Brings Image Search And Voice Features To Desktop

Amit Singhal announced in a media event on San Francisco, who is the head of Google Core Team Ranking a number of new updates Desktop Search, Google mobile search and instant.

Desktop Voice Search Features

Features, which is now finally available on mobile devices on the desktop is now possible to search by voice. It is not entirely surprising, since Google already proven to accept I / O, the simple addition of a line of code in the text entry box voice Chrome. Currently, only the latest version of Chrome, and relate to other browsers when they implement the speech input HTML5 API. The problem with most recognition services is strong enough to protect the American accents are in the eye, but Google’s technology to identify, as a problem in the recognition of Indian accents.

Image Search Queries

 Google Brings Image Search

When looking at the voice, image search was already in the glasses of smart phones Google. Now the service is available to simplify image search on Google, where the user can modern browser simply drag and drop photos into the search field to get more information on the image or similar images . Another possibility is to look give Google Image by URL or upload an image right click on an image browser. Liz Gannes is “(All Things D) said the event demo Image Search.

Next demo blurred image of a man on a path off the island in Greece. Now you can drag an image from your desktop in the search box. These are the name of the island of Nea Kameni. (Oh, a little crazy!)

Maybe when you receive the negative feedback on Facebook ,Google says that facial recognition would look at an image based on face recognition.

Google Instant Pages

Continuing his obsession with speed, introduced Instant Google , which bring the pages that are more likely to click in the search results in the background. This will be studied with three Google Instant ago five seconds after the date of the typical user to save. Instant Web is now available for those using the development versions of Chrome, and will soon be available for beta users as well.

Mobile Search Google

Two of the three main messages of this event was something already on your mobile. This highlights the importance of mobile search Google. Research on mobile in many ways mimics the early stages now seeking office. Google offers many enhancements to its mobile search, and the highlight is the local search. Google adds features that are already on Google Sites page of Google. This puts the search in the neighborhood is much faster and easier. When searching for places on the map are superimposed the results of all time, even when you scroll to the insertion of cafes and a ATM card is easy.

In addition, Google also introduced a way to add sentences proposed in the search box and “build” the one bit of research.

It is difficult not to notice how many of these functions currently require chrome. Technologies such as pre-rendering, voice input API via a URL bar Instant Search is only available in chrome, currently offers an advantage over other browsers. By launching its own browser, Google has completely eliminated their dependence on third parties to implement new technologies to use in their products. For example, looking for his team to build a team Chrome Omnibar second law, it would be much more difficult and tedious, if Google Mozilla, wanted to develop something similar for Firefox. Develop your own browser less of an obstacle on the path to achieving their goals to make the page more quickly.

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