Google Plus for your business – 3 Plus Points

If you want to build a presence for your brand on the virtual space, you cannot afford to keep a bias. You personally may be a fan of Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn but practically speaking, there are loads of people even on websites that you are not on! Of course Facebook and twitter occupy the top most positions, but when it comes to networking, people have different needs and requirements and when you want to reach out to them, you have step forward and lean into the group.

Your brand mustn’t lose out on such an opportunity to connect.

It’s time to look around and step into the untapped domains that have a lot of potential and Google Plus is one such zone.

Although it has had a rough start with a magnificent launch and then a gradual decline in popularity, there are some strong reasons why Google+ can help your business or blog.

1. Google+ is a product of the internet giant, Google Inc. Google has enough resources to invest in the development of Google plus and to make it work and so they WILL use their energies there! With inter-connected Google products and services, the future for Google Plus is certainly positive, having a strong launch pad to support it.

2. Google+ is new. Facebook and even Twitter, have taken their time to get there so will Plus. And Plus has the advantage, that it knows the shortcomings that users do not want to experience. Plus is here to change the negatives to positive!

So, how will Google plus benefit your business or blog or website?

Here are a few points that might interest you:

google plus business

The search engine benefit

Google Plus will soon benefit brands with their brand pages being directly connected to Google’s search results. This gives you instant connectivity with the users who are looking for your brand or services. All that has to be done, is to use the “+” symbol in front of the brand name.

Google Plus for your business – 3 Plus Points

The endorsement advantage

Like the facebook likes, and twitter favorites and retweets, the G+ has its own mark or stamp. The new “+1” button, is something that will appear below all posts or pages and if the user or reader likes the post, he ‘pluses’ it as “+1”. This is a feature that will play an important role in Google Plus’ edge over other social networking sites because the search results will soon start taking the ‘+1’s that a brand has, into consideration while ranking your company for Google search results.

Better Privacy for content you want to display

Although facebook is almost getting there with its new look and changes, Google Plus has the advantage of circles. You can simply place different groups of people in different circles and share only relevant data with each of your groups. For instance, your friends and employers do not have to be in the same circle! Twitter and facebook lose out there, with the user having to go through complicated processes to secure his posts. Twitter, moreover, does not really give you control over who follows you except that you may secure your tweets and let only the approved followers read them. But that again is a cumbersome process if you are a celebrity!

Google plus has a strong business proposition that you have the power to share with those whom you want to share with. If you are a blogger or a small time business firm, all you need to do is find people with needs that your services can cater to! And then, add them to your circles and share your content. If they find it interesting, they’ll respond. And if they respond positively with a +1 click, then your business is certainly going to be more visible on the people’s network. Why miss this chance to grow? Go ahead, +1 this opportunity, and grow with Google plus.

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