Google: Social Signals Are Ranking Factors In Future

Nowadays many people in the web-industry talk about the term “social signals”. As we know the search engine optimization process changes slightly from time to time. This action happens when Google comes up with the so called algorithm’ updates. They are important for many customers, like the online business owners, because they have to keep up with the latest trends. The main question that concerns us is about Google using social signals as a ranking factor. But what is the point of them, and why social signals’ are part of the Google’s strategy? , just read the following explanations.

With people being connected with the social media like never before, using the social networks phenomenon’ on web-search services was only a matter of a time. We can compare the popularity of the social media with a wildfire’ that spreads with a frightening pace across the web. What does a social signal mean? This refers mostly to the grouping of responses (which are popular in social networking), like tweeting, retweeting, likes, shares, giving a thumbs up or thumbs down, etc.

Recent research states that the most powerful signals are the likes from Facebook and the shares from twitter. So instead of scaling up the search ranking page, we start to favour social signals. One of the important conflicts is links vs. social signals’. Nobody is going to question the importance of links. But their current position is in a stake, because of the social signals gaining prominence. Many people from the branch state that links are still’ more important. But the key word is still’.

google social signals

We need to consider that signal’ and ranking factor’ are not necessary the same thing. In late 2010 Google stated that they actually use retweets as a signals’ and they use them mainly for their organic and news ranking systems. On the other hand social elements can be used as scoring elements that re-rank search results.

The main debate is not about the impact social signals keep on the web, it is about the factor they are in reality. However, one thing is certain, search engines are relying, on a one way or another, on social media activity. This is a perfect way to weigh the significance of different brands. To put it simple in Google is a big advantage if you have your post shared, ranked, retweeted or evaluated by an influencer. Bing also checks the authority and reputation of tweeter users that tweet or retweet you status content.

Taking a look at this scenario, it looks like social media fever’ is going to be around for a long time. Online business owners must adapt with the social media sites, because those sites influence is growing as the time passes. The business owners need to communicate with their customers. They need to respond and reflect on their feedback. Future online clients are going to rely on social media more and more, favouring the social media services, instead of search engines. This change of the behaviour of the clients is the main reason why Google is moving their attention into integrating social signals on their product.


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