Has Apple Crumbled

Popularity aside, the most efficient way of noting whether or not a company is performing is by looking at the fiscal side of the business, particularly where stocks are concerned. Many people who claim that Apple is failing under its new leadership point to the fact that over the last 12 months, Apple’s stock has fallen under the new CEO. While this is true, what is often overlooked is that the value of Apple stock is still 23 percent higher than it was when Jobs died. The last time Jobs was absent from the leadership of Apple, the company took a $1 billion revenue hit, plummeting from the high at which it had previously been.

Shortly after Jobs’ return, however, that price soared even higher, and Apple was one of the most profitable companies in the world. Although the stock prices have dipped recently for Apple, the fact that there is still a net gain when compared to the time period around Jobs’ death says a lot for the ability of the new CEO. Yes, times have been rather tough for Apple recently, but there is also a learning curve to be had whenever new leadership steps in, and many people believe that is what the company is currently experiencing.

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