How a designer can make eye-catching web designs

Making eye-catching web designs becomes a priority for a business when it has to target customers to boost the sales. If a website is attractive and matches the requirements of the business, it’s bound to fetch good results and enhanced prospects. If a designer is creative and experienced, he/she would definitely do justice by creating unique, attractive and stand-out web designs to lift the business. In this write up, we would discuss how to make eye-catching designs.

By injecting fresh ideas

A designer who believes in injecting fresh ideas and thoughts into designing would be able to create eye-catching web designs. Relying on the existing designs or drawing inspiration from other available sources is not going to work in favor. Experimenting with the new ideas, bringing innovation all through the designs and being ready to explore are some of the ways a good web design could be created.

Not seeking inspiriting from any existing layouts

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Thousands of layouts would be available to help out a designer, though seeking this kind of inspiration would mar the creativity. Analyzing them all, mixing them up to come up with a new design and only marginally taking the clues from them are some of the desired ways for a designer. If a designer tests HTML5 and CSS3, and stays away from 960 Grid system layouts, a creative design would definitely come up.

Not use a CMS

It may sound absurd, but it’s true that using CMS shuts the doors on creativity and innovation. A hell lot of design conveniences would be available when a CMS is used, however, the elegance, charm and attractiveness would be missing, for sure. Easy updates are indeed vital for a website, though it can never match the place of attractiveness and innovation. So a designer should stay away from content management system to get the best of web designs.

Avoid design showcases

If a designer avoids design showcases and never seeks outside inspiration, he/she is likely to come up with good web designs. The internet is full of design galleries and showcases to draw inspiration from, though such sources are not meant for those seeking creativity and excellence. Taking even a tinge of direction from other sources would work against the norm of creativity. So a designer should stay from frequent visits to such online sources.

Tread on a totally new path

Treading on an entirely new path is a sure-shot formula of inching closer to creativity. If a designer does so, high-quality web designs would be produced. It’s about trending, rather than following the herd, and a creative designer would definitely do that. A make a design stand-out, it has to look unique and distinctive from the rest of the lot. Focusing on innovation would pay when the target is to get creative and eye-catching web designs.

Never make designs to suit coding

A range of coding factors are always considered when web designs are created to let the website work smoothly. A designer has to consider about CSS, HTML, JavaScript and markup at the time of creating web designs. Many assure that the design has to be compatible with all those mentioned factors to fetch good results. Creativity never relies on restrictions, and that’s why a designer should never bother about these coding aspects. Having a free hand in designing will help the designer to come up with a range of attractive designs for sure.

Considering the latest trends

A designer who considers the latest trends and brings them into the designs is rated a genius. For that, idea sharing with other designers becomes a necessity. Without sitting up with a bunch of pals, it’s not possible to get close to the ruling trends around. A design has to come good on the expectations of the current set of audience and hence, ideas must be exchanged to let the best designs tumble out from the stable.


A business would benefit from unique and eye-catching web designs by grabbing the attention of users. A creative designer can make eye-catching web designs if he imposes a set of restrictions onto self. This article has listed how a designer can make eye-catching web designs, and invites users to add to the list.

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