How Photos And Images Can Improve SEO Of Your Website

You might have noticed that whenever there is breaking news in town, the journalists never forget to make caricatures in support to their articles. The first reaction of the reader is to flap the pages of paper and just take a look at the pictures to get headlines. Similarly, in the digital world, images and pictures can play a vital role in spreading the word in no time.  Search engine optimization has become a challenge for the online players.

Every one wants their website to become the first in ranking. Not all, but most of them succeed by practising different strategies like good articles, excessive blogs and quality marketing but some remain in mist despite their hard work. This article entails some tips for you to improve SEO of your website.

1- Use Quality and Relevant Pictures: A picture is worth hundred words, is not said because words become insufficient to support the situation but we say this because the picture can tell the whole story without utilizing much of the time. The user gets attracted towards good pictures and images and is intrigued to get the whole tale behind it. Whether you are selling a product, promoting any campaign or may be writing or blogging on any current affair, your choice of attractive and self explanatory pictures will get more customers to your site. So always help your content with presentable images to catch the gazes.

2- Placement and Size of Image: Your picture should be right aligned with your content. It should not be extra ordinarily large as crossing over the text or not even too small that the viewer has to zoom in to the page. It should have a legible size that is easily seen by the surfer.

3- Use Explanatory Captions: Caption is a brief description that accompanies an illustration. It is always not too long and is interestingly explanatory to the picture.  Your selection of good words for the caption will give a nicer look to the image and will provide a closer idea of the context, to the viewer.

4- Use Proper Title: Generally, people are not particular about naming a file as they think that the customer will only look at the picture and will not bother much about the title. But in reality, the title of a file is as important to a picture, as a nice looking name plate decorates the beautiful house. Therefore, be sure that you give a sensible title to your picture that entails any of the characters in the picture.

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Depending upon the nature of your content, you can take photos for your website from different sources on web.  Some may be free of charge and doesn’t restrict the copy rights but for some you might have to ask for the permission, and pay some amount to get access. So don’t forget to use photos and images to make your content more attractive to readers while focusing on on-page SEO factors to improve the ranking of your site.

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