How Secure Are Your Emails?

Before email, dealing with junk mail was easy:  letters addressed to ‘The Occupier’ or that were held in brightly-coloured envelopes were simply separated from ‘real’ letters and thrown in the bin.  It took up little time and at no point was there any danger that opening such letters would lead your office systems to fail.

But in the modern world of the internet and email, we receive hundreds of unwanted or spam emails every day, and sorting through them to find relevant emails can take significant time.  There is also a risk that opening and/or responding to an email could lead to a virus being introduced into your network or to someone somewhere accessing your sensitive data.

The increased use of email and the increased prevalence of phishing, spam and malware makes it necessary to update your email security continually in order to manage and reduce these risks.  There are security risks involved in all aspects of your email management system, including your email storage, user access and email flow.

email security

Few businesses have the time or IT expertise on hand to put in place effective email security that is up to date and that covers all potential threats.  The risks to your email flow (inward and outward) must be guarded against by auditing and tracking the emails sent and received to make sure that it all complies with your business’s corporate and email policies.  It’s important to keep track of who has sent which emails to whom (in case of any allegations of wrongdoing at a later point), and of course it is vital that malicious emails or those containing viruses or phishing technology are not permitted access to any of your terminals.

It is also important to safeguard your email storage system including your backup systems.  In an age when many important documents and pieces of correspondence are sent by email without a hard copy backup, there is a significant danger that important data can be lost or deleted accidentally or maliciously.  The threat may come from your datacentre, or it may come from hardware being stolen or lost (the latter is increasingly likely when employees work from home or take work home with them on company laptops).

If you don’t have adequate security in place, spam emails can take up valuable time and phishing or viral emails can cause significant and costly damage.  There is help available if you feel that you don’t have the time or necessary expertise to adequately safeguard your email., for instance, provides the most comprehensive email risk mitigation, removing cloud-based threats and risks, improving your email server performance.  Mimecast is also able to protect your business against breaches of privacy and data protection for sensitive information contained in emails such as payment information.  They protect your inbound and outbound emails from threats including malware, spam, phishing, DHA and DDoS attacks as well as outages, social engineering attacks and deliberate or accidental data leaks.

For your business, that means no more unwanted email, plus secure email communication: there is minimal administration for you to deal with meaning that you can get on with the job of investing your time and energy into your business, not your email security

Get email security for your business now with end to end email encryption and stop data leaks now. Protect your business with Mimecast.

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