How Students Can Benefit From Making Use Of The Social Media

The social media is highly beneficial to different groups and categories of people. it is beneficial to the businessman for the purpose of marketing. The clergyman sees it from the viewpoint of religious propaganda. What of the student? Some students do not know the rich potential inherent in the use of the social media. Are you a student? Instead of wasting your time in the trivial use of the social media websites, you can make use of the advantages.

Social media as a source of e learning:

The social media is a veritable instrument of e-learning. Out-of-class discussions are now possible through the use of the social media. In our contemporary world, where teaching has been broken from the old jinx of sitting tight in the classroom and listening to the teacher, without the thought of leaving the classroom when the lectures are still on. Teachers and students can now collaborate to discuss topics that are related to the academic discipline. By so doing, the student will be fully engaged intellectually. Barrier of lectures will be broken through this means.

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For the students alone, they can make use of the social media for group discussions. According to educational psychology statistics, some student learn more when they discuss the topics with their fellow students more than when they sit down in the lecture rooms and listen to the lecturers during lectures. Traditionally, group discussions take place among students who sit together to analyze the content of the lectures. Each student contributes to the discussion by saying what he or she understands in the lecture.

social media and students

Because of the busy schedule of some students, who have to do some menial jobs in order to pay their tuition fees and meet other financial obligations, clustering together for academic group discussion becomes a task that is too difficult for some students. In order to overcome the ordeal, the social media like Facebook is a wonderful forum where students can still have their academic group discussion. In order to make it simpler for the students, they can create a group where students of the particular faculty or department can meet each other for the online academic group discussion.

Use of cell phone for searching:

Students can use other social websites such as the Wikipedia and other wikis for research. The good news is that as a student, you do not need to visit the library for your research. All you need is your cell phone fully connected to the internet. You can sit down in your school hostel and browse as many contents as time would permit you. Following other people’s comment and feedback increases your chances of learning as much as possible. Your own contribution as a comment is also very necessary for your learning. It is an independent exercise of your intellectual faculty. The social media is a wonderful privilege for students who want to learn. Smart students will not abuse the use of the social media; rather they will make use of it to their academic advantage.

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