How to design a website to make it more valuable to the visitors

There is no magic wand that could be waved around to make well designed good website. A good website is one which users keep on visiting over and over again. One should pay careful attention to the aspects of making a website more valuable and visitor friendly so they stick to it for a long time. One should take steps to design the site with user friendly interface, that loads faster and give the desired information to the readers in clearly written text. Following tips will guide you in making your website more valuable and to engage more readers thereby increasing the traffic on the site which will in turn result in increased SEO.

Design your pages in a manner that they load at a fast speed

Quick to load pages are always an attention to the reader’ eye. No matter what type of internet connection a reader use. It would need to download stuff from the site and he needs this job to be done at a faster pace. Speed is the factor that is sensed by readers when it not present. So, when you create pages that load quickly, it won’t get noticed. So try to make your web pages faster by cutting down the unnecessary content, and graphics from the site.

Keep the content on the pages to a limit

website design tips

Do not add many details on a single page. User will get distracted. Add content appropriate to the size of page with paragraphs, keywords, titles and headings so that the readers can grasp what they are looking for in a short span of time. Most readers will not go through the entire page; they will just look at the emphasized information and headings.

Navigation system

Place the navigation bars on clearly visible locations on the page. Top and left sides of a page are more appropriate to place the navigation bars. A good navigation system helps the visitors to move around conveniently on your site. You can make use of anchor links to create table of contents to demonstrate a better navigation on your site.

Image and graphics

When incorporating the images and graphics n the website, make sure to use appropriate file formats. It is advised to use JPEG file formats for photographs and GIF or PNG file formats for animated objects and other graphical elements.


Chose the color schemes and combinations very carefully. Chose the color of the text very carefully so that it would be clear and crisp to the eyes. Do not use light colored text in front of light colored background. Dark colored text in front of light colored background; and light colored text in front of dark colored background would be more appropriate.

Produce globally valuable content 

Your website can be seen and viewed by people all around the world. Do not write in a culture specific style. Use language that is understandable by majority of the international readers. Include, time, dates, currencies and all other content that is internationally understandable.


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