How to Disavow Links in Google

On Google, a lot has been happening over the past few months, more so on its backlinks. The Penguin and Panda updates have been showing up more frequently that it has become vital that your back links should be from trusted sources appearing on your board and that are faultless. Generally, this means that you should not trust paid links, farm links, spam links or even links from sites that have a low content in terms of quality.

How To Use Google Disavow Links Tool:

However, most websites have links that are from uncertain sources, sources that cannot be trusted. This may be happening so that their competitors are sabotaged, or because an SEO service they used to link a spam so as to get fast results.

This doesn’t matter provided you got a message from Google’s Webmaster Tools in concern with such links that point to your site. However, the new disavow links tool is totally essential.

Google Disavow Links Tool permits you to let Google be aware that you aren’t accountable of the uncertain links and give them a complete list of these links that would want ignored or overseen completely.

By ignoring completely, you will not at any one point in time get anything from these links and you therefore keep away from Penguin or Panda smack down. Being as useful as it is, Google Disavow Links Tool isn’t meant to be your first solution when you notice these dubious or uncertain links pointing out to your site. Alternatively, Google would prefer that manually you get rid of any back links you don’t like, before using the disavow tool as your last option.

Steps To Take Using Google Disavow Links Tool:

disavow links tools

First, under the traffic menu, look for the ‘Links to Your Site’ part. From here, download the listing of those pages that are linked to your website, you will get this at the ‘Who Links the Most’ and ‘More’. By going through these links, inspect carefully for the dubious links and try getting in touch with these sites so that you can ask them to withdraw the back links there. Make a list of all the sites that don’t withdraw your links even after giving them some time to do so. Put up the list on Google Disavow Links Tool. After this is done, you will have been protected from any counter attack from this dubious links.

You will notice that the most difficult part of doing all this is or was carefully analyzed and studying your back links so as to know which among them is genuine and which one is dubious. It will most likely take a lot of time doing so and more so for those sites that have numerous back links. But at the end of it all, it would be better that you were or are on the wrong end of these dubious sites such as Penguin and Panda.

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