How To Get Start With Google Plus

Google has launched many social networking sites such as Wave,Buzz,Orkut but none made Google has the competitor in the social networking world.Then the time Google came with Google Plus (+).

Want To Know About Google Plus:

Google Plus which is totally different from other social networking sites,its  runs on the concept of circles.Google always thinks different the way people want,giving priority for security,getting access for permission before tagging and maintaining circles for different relations.

How To Work With Google + ?

google plus starting tips

Google Plus which works in the concept of Stream,which is more familiar to use.Google notification will be sent about posts,photos etc shared by your friends and you can also view their profile.The status,pictures,links which you shared will line up in your stream.Google Plus which has +1 button which is similar of facebook like button.

Google Plus Circles

Google Plus which will have Friends,Family,Acquaintances and Following as the default circles. You can simply add the people  in your circle by just dragging or highlighting people at a time and also you can create a new circle by just dropping the friend into drop here.

When a person has been added on your circle or by them you will be receiving an pop notification that now you can share and see there sharing but circles will not be shown.And you can also restrict the people of watching your profile in public by changing the visibility settings in your account.You can also add the people who has not joined Google Plus via email.


When a person add you on circles or shares a posts with you,then a red identification will be seen in the black bar on the top screen.


Once the profile has been updated you can move back to your homepage by clicking Home icon to see the updates of your connections. You can also view the individual updates and by clicking the down arrow on the right of the update link you can share it on your profile,report abuse or block.

Google +1 Button

You would have seen the Google +1 button implementation on websites,search results and blogs.Just similar of facebook like button and you can also see the count of +1.

Way Of Sending Updates

Just click the box on your stream you will be listed an option to send photo,video,link or location.And you can also select whom to see the update on your circles.

Friends Chat

Chat features will be enabled on your left sidebar which is similar of Gtalk on Google.The indicator will be shown if someone available in online which you can chat with them through text or video.A small pop up will be shown when you click on their name. Additionally you can set chat option available to the particular circles .

How To Get Feeds

Google + has feature called Spark which allow you to get feed from websites on topic you choose.Simple search topics of you interest and click Add Interest button it will be saved, then you will started to receive an updates about your favorite websites.

Hangouts With Video Chats:

Google Plus which has an concept called Hangouts,it an group video chatting. This feature is simple when compare with other service.Start a hangout button which helps to share an update to your profile saying “raju is hanging out” those who see the update can hangout with you and also users can watch the videos.

Give Your Thoughts

I have shared as much about Google Plus,if you have joined what’s your experience so far?Please share your thoughts in comments

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