How To Get Your Blog Posts Indexed In Minutes

Once, your blog is online, the very next aspect of your blog success in Search Engine Visibility. ‘Content is King’ but without exposure.To ensure that your site is properly indexed on the Search engine, you need to make sure all your URLs are crawled and present in SERP database.

How to Check if my Blog is properly indexed:

blog post index


  • The simplest way is the make a search using the syntax ‘Site:Yoursiteurl’, Eg ‘’, The indexed pages show up on the page results. If there are zero results, either your blog is sandboxed or fairly new.
  • If you want to determine how your blog is performing on SERPS, you can make a search using the syntax ‘allintitle:Your Post Title’, replace it with your latest post title. If your blog has an effective link background and authority, your blog post should return first.

How to Get Indexed in Minutes:

  • Firstly, it is useless to use the submission form provided by Google. It takes about one month for Google to crawl your URL, at the first place.
  • To get indexed within minutes, You need good backlink background and authority.
  • .You must enter a few keywords related to the post that you want to get indexed. You should see a complete list of sites related to yours.  Either download Google toolbar or the PageRank Chrome Extension
  • Shuffle through the sites, Find the one, most related to your niche and make sure the PageRank is high enough (Note that PageRank isn’t an accurate metric, but a rough estimation for determining the authority and popularity of the blog). Make sure it has comments enabled.
  • Start commenting on blog post to voice your opinion regarding the article. In the ‘Website’ field, enter your blog Url. Since the page already has high Pagerank, it is most probably indexed in a few seconds.
  • To take Blog commenting to a step further, Hunt for Comment Luv enabled blogs, You can get anchor text links back to your recent blog posts
  • The above strategy is the simplest ethical way to build links. You ca either Guest Post on High authority blogs to attain much more powerful links back to your blog.

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