How To Keep Up With Trending Beard Styles

You know that beards are a hot commodity right now, but how can you tell what beard styles are trending? And, how can you adopt one of these popular styles to your own face?

The bad news is, not every style of beard suits every shape of face; the great news is, no matter what kind of mug you have, a beard will enhance your appearance and bring out your best features. Try these on for size to determine which beard style will look best on you.

The Classic Beard

You can’t go wrong with the Classic, a medium-length thick beard with full coverage. The trick is to offset it with a youthful hairstyle in order to update this classic look.

The Galafianakis Beard

Zack is famous for his full, bushy beard, and this style will enhance your jaw line for a more manly appearance. It offers depth and texture, but you must use an organic beard oil to soften up the facial hairs.

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The Robert Downey Jr. Goatee

The action star has been rocking this well-manicured look for years because it suits his face. To find your inner “Iron Man,” you’ll need to grow a full beard first and then prune it down.

The Long Full Beard

This style of Santa-length beard makes a dramatic statement, especially when paired with a trendy haircut like a pompadour puff. Try some Bourbon Beard Oil to look and smell well-groomed, and to make sure you aren’t mistaken for Tom Hanks in Castaway.

No matter which trending beard style is most flattering for you, take the time to style and maintain your facial hair. I guarantee your beard will grow on you, and on everyone around you. Be sure to contact for more information and products on how to keep your beard trendy.


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