How To Keep Your Blog Fresh In 2012

One of the best ways to generate more traffic to your website is by making sure it has its own blog that is updated regularly. The blog can show your audience what you are all about, giving you the chance to address issues as they emerge as well as communicate to your readers through.

But the big question is, what do you need to do to bring in the right audience and convince them to keep coming back? We have put together some tips that you might want to take into account when creating your posts.

Relevancy Know your audience and cater to their likes, wants and needs.Audiences are fickle; if you start feeding them posts that aren’t relevant to their needs then they simply won’t come back! Titillating Titles Your article might be a work of art but if your title lets you down then no one is going to want to read it. Make it short, sharp and to the point there is a reason why you keep seeing top 10 and best of posts.Also, if your content doesn’t deliver on promises made in the title don’t think your readers will hang around.

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Quality Content You can make sure that your post quality is kept high by making sure your sources are highly credible and that the reader can take something away from the article they can actually use. Articles written about things you know a lot about are great for your credibility and validate any claims of you being an expert in a field.

If users can use what you have written practically, such as complete a tutorial to help complete a project or act on some advice you have given, they are likely to recommend you to others, helping to bring in fresh audiences. Media Don’t just limit yourself to written articles. Mix it up with Images, Videos and Infographics. By creating these you are able to convey your message in a completely different way which will suit different sectors of your target audience.

These types of content are also highly shareable and can also be a great way to find a new audience. Just take a look at the number of infographics that go viral, can you get your information across in a visual style such as this? Subscriptions Get your users to return to your site and be updated to new content through newsletters and RSS feeds.You can always offer subscribers something regular readers wouldn’t get through signing up in order to boost your subscription numbers.

Self Promotion Social media is there to share and talk about content, so do precisely that! Use these sources to get your blog posts out there and get people talking about them and sharing them.Also, if you want to reinforce your expertise in a subject make sure you answer questions on it on sites such as Linkedin and Quora. If your answers are helpful and liked, you can forge yourself into becoming an expert in the field Silicon Beach Training are a Brighton based training company which offer a wide range of courses, including fully accredited PRINCE2 training, so you can boost your CV and take your career to the next level. Or if you would like to raise your search engine rankings learn how with SEO training UK.


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