How To Make Money In Online With Blog

When you search the term “make money online”  on Google, it will list the tons of resources promises to show you the real way to make money online. But most of these resources, repeat the mantra even been written by someone one else, and they will not help you to reach your goal. Here is a simple guide that I get from the day of my blogging career that helped me to make money and earn a living following online . I can guarantee that you will be successful if you follow exactly all the steps in this article.

1.Choosing A Niche:

The first stage is always the most important and if done properly, it will be the platform for your success. Similarly to make money online with a blog, you need to have an niche that you choose a competent and passionate. If you have a very good knowledge of football and if you are passionate about the subject, then select it as your niche.

2.Building Content For Your Niche:

Once you have choosen a niche next step to build quality and content for the niche. Spend a time to write at least 14-16 articles (with high quality) every month by focusing on niche. You can write controversial articles because they are the ones that will attract many readers.Choose the best four articles and keep them in folder which can be used as guest posting.

3.Publishing Your Content:

If you have a web space and if you have an already hosted wordpress blog,start posting content in them.If not then go to Godaddy and get a register the domain under your niche.Next step go to Hostgator and get a hosting account and set up your wordpress blog and start publishing your content regularly.

4.Generating Traffic:

Building traffic for your blog is an essential task and you can use the guest post technique. Submit the articles which you have for guest post to the similar niche blogs,because they will be the key to generating traffic for your blog.Don’t forget to comment on the blogs which have dofollow top commentator’s widget,since getting listed on them which will help to generate backlink to your blog and also will help to drive traffic.

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5.Uses Of Social Media:

Create an Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account for your blog.Try to post interesting updates,facts which related to your niche in Twitter account and Facebook Fan Page and build fans and followers for your blog. This will help to increase the social media activiry of your blog to the new level. Bookmark all your articles to the social bookmarking sites like Reddit,Digg,Stumble upon etc..and ask your friends to do the samething.

6.How To Interact With Readers:

Try to interact with readers or visitors by replying to their comments or responding to their tweets and also by replying to their facebook status updates,will make them to visit to your blog regularly.This will increase the readers interest with your blog which also increase the blog’s authority.

7.Monetizing Your Blog:

After the confidence of the reader, and if you get lots of visitors to start, then it is time to monetize your blog. Put a little pop-up ads on your blog with a few affiliate links to products that are related to your niche. Try to keep the ads away from your content as much as possible and make sure that no more than an affiliate link for article.

Be sure to repeat steps 2-7 until you achieve your true success. Although there is excellent advice available out there in the context of blogging and make money online, I hope it will be the guide for beginners to make money online with a blog.


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