How To Make Money Online

There is a huge opportunity to make money online because of the number of people using the internet today. People are searching for various things from holidays, to finding a university to study, to even finding love online. If you can match the searchers query with a solution, you can make money online. This article will look into this in more detail.

I will begin by giving you an example of how this is being done currently, and then we can look at a few more opportunities. There are lots of people who are relocating or moving abroad and these people would require a moving company to help them move. In their search for a reliable moving company, they will go online and look for one. Feedback is a website which connects people who are looking for international movers, with moving companies themselves. By being the middleman Feedback can take a commission for each move they generate.This is a great way to make money online.

Similar to moving companies, people are also looking for hotels, restaurants,manufacturers, carpenters, cleaners etc. on Google, and by building something that can connect these people with what they are looking for, you can create something of value. To take advantage of this opportunity, you will have to educate yourself on the following:

online money making ways

#1 Build a website

These days you can build a website for almost nothing using tools like Wordpress, Joomla or one of the many other free resources that are available online. If the website you are building requires a little more work, you can even outsource it to freelancers who can build the website.

#2 Find the buyer

In Feedbacq’s example, the buyer is moving companies. Moving companies will pay Feedback each time Feedback sends them an enquiry. Similarly find your buyer, contact them and educate them about the opportunity they are creating. Most businesses will be ready to work with you, as everyone is looking for new customers.

#3 Find the customer

Now that you have a website, and you have buyers who are willing to pay you money – the next step is to find customers who want your service. You can use online marketing techniques along with guest blogging and paid advertising via Adwords to generate customers.

Follow these 3 steps to build a website that can make money online. Remember that it will not all be easy, and the bigger the opportunity the bigger the competition. But all online marketing businesses started this way. Amazon started by connecting people who are looking to by books with books; Google connects people’s searches with possible solutions; Zappos connected people who are looking to buy shoes with stores deliver’s shoes.

Fundamentally, you have to identify a need – an unmet enquiry that people are doing online. Once you find this need, you can then begin to speak to buyers and customers before you build your website. If you get a positive reaction from them, you can then start working on your website, and contacting both buyers and customers to let them know of your service.

Good luck in launching your own venture online to make more money, and I would be happy to answer your questions in the comments section below.


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