How To Make Money Online Through Blog

Once you get familiar with the internet jobs and you have earned a considerable amount, you can now host your own blog site to gain some money through programs like Google’s adsense, and other affiliate programs. If you can promote your website and gain high PageRank then you can also make some money through selling ad space on your websites or sell backlinks.

Today creating a blog site is a child’s play. The advanced web 2.0 technology has empowered even beginners to create their blog with out any difficulty. Things are so easy that you can just point and click or drag and drop elements and create a great looking website for free. However, you will have to register your domain for a small fee before you start promoting your website. Once you have created your website, it is important to promote your website through SEO processes to gain PageRank.

After attaining the desired PageRank, you have a number of options to generate good income through your website. Google’s Adsense is a well-known online money making program. You earn money for every click on the ads placed by Google in your website. You can visit other product sites that offer affiliate programs and apply of affiliation. You can earn upto 40% commission through affiliate programs on every sale you initiated. Back links are considered valuable in the sight of search engines when it comes to ranking websites. You can sell backlinks to relevant sites and generate some money as well. There are also other commercial websites that pay to place their ad banners on your website and this too can generate a good income for you.

make money with blog

Finally you also have the opportunity of gaining some big money through site flipping. If you are able to promote your site to a good extent, your site may gain value in hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You can sell your site and get big money out of it.


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