How to Make Your Blog Stand Out

Everyone has a blog these days, and just about everyone is trying to make money off of that blog. With literally millions of blogs on the Internet, it can be hard to make yours stand out and compete for traffic (and the advertising and affiliate revenue that they bring). With a little planning, you can make your blog stand out and draw in more of those visitors. Here are a few tips:

Pick a Unique Topic

There are hundreds of blogs about travel. And about pop culture. And about fashion. Why should anyone go to yours? Don’t choose a topic that has been covered by numerous other (and likely more successful) bloggers. Instead, write about more under-the-radar topics like book collecting, or taxidermy, or even boot repair. If the thing that you love to write about it a popular topic, pick a unique angle. If you must write about travel, write a blog about travelling with dogs. If you must write about fashion, write about 18th century Romanian fashion. Pick a unique angle for your topic, or write about it in a unique way.

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Choose a Creative Design

When you’re just starting out, it can be tempting (and much easier) to just pick a template and plug in some content. But guess what? That’s what everyone does. Spend some time searching for a flashy, unique design that shows off your personality and the personality of your blog. If you need to, pay someone to build a design that is unique to your blog. Any money you spend will be worth the investment in the long run.

Offer Dynamic Content

Pictures are the minimum that you should add to your posts – but you should also consider ways to add other dynamic content such as video, polls, interactive graphics, and more. Be creative. Don’t limit yourself to a “newspaper” format with text-heavy posts and a few scattered pictures. The more dynamic content you have, the more appealing your page will be.

Be Consistent

Even if you have a flashy, eye-catching blog, if you don’t have consistent and quality content, visitors won’t keep coming back. Post regularly, and be prolific. Write evergreen posts (those that offer useful content that doesn’t become outdated), informational posts (such as how-to or tips articles), and quality, in-depth posts.

Give Away Content

Many blog authors feel that they should keep their trade secrets for themselves, or sell them in an e-book. But the majority of bloggers find great success in giving away these information, either through extensive tutorial posts or a free, quality e-book. You will win over your readers’ loyalty and keep them coming back for more – which will turn into profits for you if you are adequately monetizing your site.

What other tips do you have for making your blog stand out? How useful have you found these strategies for your own site?

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