How To Monetize Your Website

Are you a newbie to the world of internet? Have you just launched your website or blog? How about earning some money through your website? This article focuses on highly reliable ways to monetize your website or blog. Advertising is the key to earn money when it comes to making money with your website. Some of the popular online money making techniques are as follows.

Banner and Text Link Ads

Banner and text link ads are the most basic forms of advertising that has proved to be a reliable way to earn online money. Product website and online stores owners are always on the look out for banner or text link ads in order to drive some traffic to their website.
Once you have decided the rates and places to display ad banners in your website you can approach website owners or webmasters directly. However, you might feel delicate at the beginning you aren’t in the marketing field. Brokers make it easy for you. All you have to do is register your website and start getting banner ads and text link ads for these websites. The only disadvantage is that you will have to pay a portion of your ad income as commission. However, with time you can start marketing your ad space directly to buyers and avoid commissions to brokers.

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Paid Reviews

One other method to monetize your blog is through paid reviews. Only with popularity can any online business be successful. This makes online businessmen to look for blog owners that can post positive reviews about their websites and products. Reviews also contain one or two backlinks to the product site, which forms a crucial part of the offpage SEO. Hence, higher your Google PR, the greater your link juice value. You get paid well if your blog has a good traffic and high PR. In order to get into paid reviews you can approach a middleman who can find buyers. In due course of time, you will get familiar with the kind of stuff that product site owners expect, and you can start direct marketing of your paid reviews and save good sum by cutting the share for your middlemen.

Affiliate Programs

Yet another popular way to monetize your website is joining affiliate programs offered by product sites. Product sites especially those that sell web based products provide a good percentage of commission to affiliates. If you can drive traffic to the product sites and if there is conversion, then you get paid for every sale initiated by your website. Usually the commissions range from 25-30%. Some of the websites also reward you with bonus and super affiliate status in case you are able to exceed their expectations. Affiliate programs can be good for both the parties as the affiliate is able to offer visitors with valuable products and the product sites are able to increase the sales with the traffic driven by blogs. It is easy to join affiliate programs, all you have to do is register yourself for the affiliate program online and place the ad material provided by the advertiser on your blog

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