How To Optimize Facebook Advertising Campaigns For Your Blog

Facebook which has more than 500 million registered users in his network. According to a report of stats Mashable released the information such as nearly 250 million of members using Facebook daily. By these huge numbers, Facebook could be a treasure for anyone who wants to run its advertising campaign with them. Here is the simple guide for the bloggers to run a advertising campaigns with Facebook giant.

The first step create a profile in Facebook for you and be active. Without friends, you cannot do anything with Facebook. So try to make hundreds of friends,upload good pictures share videos, and write inspirational thoughts and post on the wall.

If you are an active person in Facebook, then start posting and sharing links of your blog post on your wall. This can be done either manually or you can use Facebook applications, such as networked blogs, and RSS graffiti to update automatically of your wall with blog articles. This means that if you add a new post to your blog, it will updated automatically to your Facebook wall.

facebook advertising campaigns

Once you created the active profile with hundreds of friends on your account, then its time to create a fan page of your blog with the same profile name. Facebook page is an great way to connect with people and your readers with similar thoughts. Make use its in full potential.

Insert links to your fan page of your blog posts with other popular posts in your niche. While updating your wall with the post try to use the right one to enter them on your blog and become familiar with it and don’t over commit on it. If you do, then people might think you are spammer, will they delete you from friends list, and also unlike your fan page.

If you have an good Facebook fan page then export it in your blog .Having Facebook Badge application will help you to share Facebook page information on your blog. Activity feed social plugin is available which you can show your fan page activity to your blog. You can Like button to promote your fan page.

Try out the above steps and drop your comments if you have any queries and you have started your campaign successfully.But make sure to continue the process you will get the good results.

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