How To Perform Search Engine Ranking Analysis

I like to keep it very simple here. I don’t bother using any fancy tools or determining the exact position of my prospect’s website in Google for various keywords. I don’t look at quality scores, determine number of backlinks to my prospect’s site or any of that.

Here’s what I do:

I use Google’s keyword tool to research at least 3 keywords potential customers are using to search for my prospect in Google every month. I start my search engine ranking analysis by showing these keywords in the keyword tool and highlight the monthly search volume for each of these keywords. So for example, let’s say our prospect is a plumber in Portland. I would search for keywords in Google’s keyword tool such as plumber Portland, plumbing Portland, Portland plumber, Portland plumbing, etc….I think you get the idea.

After showcasing the keywords and search volumes to our prospect, we then head over to Google and search several of these keywords one-by-one, to see if our prospect is ranked anywhere on the first page of search results (website, Google places/local listing, video etc.. All we care about is whether or not our prospect is ranked on page 1 for each respective keyword. If not they are essentially invisible online.

search engine ranking analysis

Be sure to drive home the point that 80% of the time people NEVER look beyond the first page of search results for any given search…and this includes local businesses. That’s why a first page ranking is so crucial.

Powerful Tip: When performing the ranking analysis, make sure to notice if one of your prospect’s competitors is ranking on the first page of Google for multiple keywords. Businesses HATE the thought that one of their competitors has the upper hand and is beating them repeatedly. This can be a very strong motivational factor.

Pitching Your Services:

I like to do a soft pitch of my services at the very end of my videos once you have finished your critique and analysis, and this is what I recommend you do too. Since it is part of your video, it is guaranteed that your prospect will watch it, and is more effective than making your pitch separately at a later time.

What services you decide to pitch is  p to you, but logically it makes sense to offer services related to the recommendations that you made in your video. Here are some examples of services and price points to offer your prospects:

  • Opt-in form and auto res-ponder integration. $197 Set-up, and $97 monthly list maintenance fee for sending emails (4 to 6 emails/month) · Custom header graphic design. $97
  • Slideshow welcome video for website homepage or to showcase before and after images (great for businesses like contractors, home re-modelers, plastic surgeons etc.. $97
  • Full website design or re-design. $600-$800
  • Search engine optimization services. $500 per month with guaranteed 1st page Google ranking within 3 months for at least 1 of 4 to 5 targeted keywords. There are many SEO services on the Warrior forum that guarantee first page rankings within a certain time frame and only charge a fraction of what you’ll be pulling in every month.

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