How to Play Flash SWF Video Files on iPad?

Adobe & Apple have been embarrassed since Steve Job’s refused to integrate the Flash Player into Apple Products. However, this don`t mean we can`t use the flash video on the iPad. There are numbers of tools come to help us play flash video on iPad with ease. 

There are so many helping hands, I would like to share the three most popular programs to you:

The first one is a jailbreak app named Frash which said to be able to run almost all Flash programs natively in the MobileSafari browser. It will allow Flash Videos to be watched only on a jailbroken iPad iPhone, and iPod touch.Download the Frash (a Google search of frash-0.01.deb will get you the file). If you are installing Frash on any device besides iPad, use frash-0.02.deb.

photon flash player

The second one is Cloud Browse of the AlwaysOn Technologies. It brings the full desktop browser experience to IOS devices so we can access Flash content. With it, you can connect your iPhone to a remote computer running in one of AlwaysOn’s data centers. Instead of surfing sites directly, you control your own browsing session on the remote PC, which can pull up just about any Web site content, including Flash.

cloud browse

The third one is Photon Flash Player Browser for iPad. It is a powerful and versatile Safari alternative that excels in its Flash and designed to enhance your browsing experience on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Photon Player Browser allows you to native browser common websites and remote browser flash websites in multiple view modes.

Finally, there are also some commerce solution can help us convert the flash video to other formats. It is very convenient, also not very cheap.

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