How To Promote Blog Posts Through Genuine Ways

Most of the bloggers know how to write unique and killer posts, but they don’t know the importance of blog promotion and how to promote blog posts through genuine ways. Blog posts promotion is necessary for a blog to be noticeable in the blogosphere.

Importance of blog promotion:

Almost every blogger’s aim is to drive more genuine traffic to their blog/blogs and to reach more audience for blog’s success. Not only to drive traffic, there are few facts hidden in promotion of blogs posts. Some of them are:

  1. A blog which is involved in honest promotion ways would become search engine friendly.

  2. A good attentiveness to the blog is likely to create among the people and it helps them to have easy remembrance which would make them to visit regularly even if the search engine fails to do it.

  3. Genuine blog promotion ways would increase the page rank and leads generation.

Here are few simple and imperative promotion tips for bloggers to promote their blog posts.

Top 10 ways to promote the blog posts

1.Optimizing the blog post with keywords:

blog promotion ways

Adding a catchy title and including the keywords which are relevant to the blog title is the basic promotion step of a blog post. Interlinking the older posts in the new post is also a valid promotion way of latest blog posts.

2.Participate in Social networking and Social bookmarking websites:

Develop a community with minded and targeted people in popular Social websites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, Delicious, Google+, Stumble upon and so on and share when the new blog post goes live.

3.Post comments and do guest blogging in same niche:

Leaving good comments and writing quality guest posts which covering the basic stuffs would attract the more visitors to the newest blog posts. It is good to avoid the single line commenting like “thanks for sharing”, “nice post” etc. with few words. The comments and guest posts of the bloggers should be respectable by others and this is the good promotion of blog posts.

4.Don’t forget ping site:

The ping tools are good in speed up the indexing process and so the pined blog is more probable to appear in top of the search results. Ping o matic, Ping my blog, Pinglr, Blog ping tool are some of the upright ping services available for the bloggers.

5.Play a part in forums and classifieds:

Presence of bloggers as an active member with their blog link in the related free online forums across the web would invite many inclined people to visit the blog and it is good to add the blog link in forum signature. Online classifieds are the best and effective blog promotion tool to reach the targeted audience. It would be better to promote in high PR free classified websites.

6.Involve in content curation:

Curating the content is a great way to promote the blog posts by sharing the favourite posts by the bloggers and others.,, and Zemnta are the popular content curation websites existing for the bloggers.

7.Use Syndication websites:

Syndication allows the bloggers to develop a new channel for the blog posts and expose it to the new spectators. Here the bloggers have to publish the blog posts contents on other websites to reach more audience as it a nice way to make the initial readership of a blog. Technorati, Blogengage, Outbrain, Blogcatlog, Networkedblogs are some of the website service available to syndicate the content and feed.

8.Email signature n newsletters:

Adding the latest post headline to the email signature is a powerful promoting technique of a blog. Automatic apps are also available in many email platforms to tweak the latest blog post link in the email signature. Doing manually is good as it an easy way to reach wider visitors to the blog.

Create newsletter using Aweber or mailchimp and send it to the subscribers on regular basis. The bloggers can use the RSS feed from feed burner to allow the readers to get the blog posts in to their email inbox.

9.Remember to partake in popular Q & A websites:

Taking part in popular Q&A websites like Yahoo answers, Mahalo answers and Wiki answers is the tricky way of promoting the blog posts. But the bloggers should leave a relevant and quality answers with their blog link otherwise they would be banned.

10.Other promotion places:

Triberr, Quora, Bizsugar, Blogpromolist, Article submission websites are some the genuine places that the bloggers can promote their new blog posts to drive huge traffic. It is vital to build a good relationship with other influential & newbie bloggers and share the blog post links with them.

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Annoying promotion ways:

Disturbing other people in chats and through messages, sharing the link in irrelevant places, link bombarding are the great annoying promotion ways which should be avoided by the bloggers.


Every blogger should understand that the traffic from different sources are not equal. Visitors from search engines traffic are active looking the information provided in the blog. Do the blog post promotion techniques manually to get better result.

Author Bio: Nirmala is a simple and active blogger from Chennai, India. She love to write the articles and adores surfing the net. She is the founder of mymagicfundas and connects with her on Facebook.


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