How To Protect Your Electronic Items From Water And Other Damages

We carry our electronic items, especially cell phones everywhere we go, from bed rooms to kitchens to even bath rooms. Therefore, it becomes really vital to protect your devices from damages, especially water damages. If we consider India, in Delhi alone, the electronics in Delhi have been reported to be damaged most due to water contacts.

This post will enlist some of the techniques to protect your electronic items, especially cell phones from damages. Keep these things in mind, especially when you are planning to head out soon and the weather is bit humid and wet:

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  • If it is likely to rain heavily, you may use a plastic wrap or an air tight plastic bag to put in your electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, digital watches, PDAs etc. so that there are no chances when these gadgets are in your pocket they will come in contact with water.
  • In order to increase the shock and dust endurance of your devices, always buy an additional case for your devices such as cell phones, tabs etc. so that in case of a miserable fall, it is the case that takes on all the damages and your electronic device is safe inside. Do not go for those shiny, cheap covers; instead invest in a simple but sturdy and more accident proof cases that are capable of safeguarding the security of your electronic devices.
  • In case of very mild showers, you should always protect your touch screen with a screen guard that will not only resist scratches but also other sweat or water related damages.
  • In case of laptops and net books  to save them from scratches and dust, there are scratch free screen lamination’s available that will last for years and save your screen from scratches and dust. Also there are outer beautiful lamination for your laptop that will save it from dust and other mild scratches and will keep your laptop’s body as good as new for many years to come. This is a one-time only investment and your laptop or net book will look elegant for many years to come.
  • In case of costlier gadgets such as TVs and other home appliances, you should always consider going for an extended warranty for the device that extends the company side warranty for more years for just a small amount and you will be liable to claim for any covered damages to the device for a longer grace period than otherwise specified.
  • Though most of the power consuming gadgets such as TVs, microwaves, refrigerators etc. come with in-built voltage regulators but if not stated, you may confirm and then use an external voltage stabilizer so that the power surges or overloads do not harm the device is any manner.
  • In case of kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, induction cook tops  microwaves etc. keep cleaning your device regularly in order to extend the lifetime of the device and also that way your device will consume less power and will provide you better results.
  • In case your cell phone or any smaller electronic device splashes into water, the best thing to do is to switch the device off and take out all the batteries from the device. Then keep it aside at normal temperature for drying out and until it is not completely dried out, do not try to turn it on. Because if your try to turn it on and it still has some water logged in it, it may cause the device to short circuit and mind you, in most of the cases the manufacturer warranty does not cover water or shock damages.
  • While you are in a car, or any personal vehicle, there are travel cases available for your devices that safeguard your cell phones from shocks and you would not drop them accidently that way, safeguarding them from shock and other damages.
  • Also ensure that when your gadgets are there in your pocket, you are not putting a lot of pressure on the devices. More outer pressure sometimes causes the screens of the electronic devices to implode rendering them useless for use afterwards.

So, these were some points if kept in mind would help you in protecting your electronic gadgets from various kinds of external and internal damages.

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