How To Protect Your Privacy On Youtube

If privacy is a major concern for you, you should configure your YouTube account since the default privacy settings can reveal your sensitive information publicly.

Profile Settings 

Soon after creating your YouTube profile, you need to tweak some settings to hide your primary information. 

Youtube Privacy


  • Browse to your Profile tab and click on My Channel.  You can view your profile and your information right below it. Click on the Edit link near the Profile bar.
  • Just uncheck the information you would not wish to share publicly. Never share your address or other sensitive information.
  • To edit general privacy settings, Click on your username in the top navigation, and then select the Account tab. Go to the “Privacy” submenu, You can enable the option to only let your friends send you messages.
  • You can also allow other users find your profile, through your e-mail address. In activity submenu, you can also disable publicizing your account activity.

Video History


Most of the YouTube users aren’t aware of the feature in YouTube  which saves the history of the video you’ve watched and then suggest similar content/videos on the home page and in the sidebar. This guide will explain how to clear your watch history on YouTube , eliminating the suggested videos sidebar and hide the list of recently viewed videos permanently.

  • Primarily, you need to log in to your YouTube account and click on settings tab from the home page in the Account menu.
  • Click on the Pause Viewing History to stop YouTube from logging your video history.
  • Click on Clear All viewing history to delete all the past saved history.

Remember, YouTube history is server-sided, it cannot be refreshed merely by deleting your browser history. For avoiding any copyright, hate issues, it is advisable to make your profile completely anonymous by not using any of your real information.


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