How to Run a Adwords Campaign Basics for Beginners

Google Adwords is undoubtedly an effective tool to position a brand efficiently, solicit new and returning clients and publicize the brand without large start-up costs. Here are some tips for beginners to help them gain maximum benefits out of their own Adwords program.

Create reasonable aims, objectives and targets

Whether they be fund raising options like cost per click or monthly sales, onsite time, or any website related milestone setting goals are always important. Aims and objectives help beginners to create a foundation of their campaign and focus specifically on issues like establishing a new brand or retaining existing clients. Most regular companies set their goals at a budget which helps them to decide on the amount of sales that they wish to have from a fixed monthly investment plan.

Making a Keyword List

SEO book is an excellent tool for creating keyword lists. Expert opinion suggests the creation of a promotion for brand terms which are always profitable than keyword terms so that users also make themselves familiar with the Adwords platform.

Create the Adwords Campaign

To create a Google Adwords campaign, beginners can visit the official page and click on the Campaign Summary option followed by the keyword. Users thereafter are allowed naming their campaigns individually. Thereafter, beginners are allowed to select their preferred countries of operation. More countries, enable more traffic to be accessed but the quality may differ depending on individual location. After taking care of the aforementioned requirements, beginners must start advertising their campaign in a clear and concise way to end up paying less per click and getting ranked higher than competitors.

google adwords

The keyword already created including recommended ones from Google must be added followed by some number crunching. Beginners must be very forthright in setting their individual budgets or the cost per click that they may decide to pay. Higher cost per click always result in greater ad positions resulting in more clicks. Setting a cost per click of $.50 is reasonable but that will all depend on the type and number of keywords, budget, etc. Content bids must not excess $0.01 to solicit more click since it suffers from lower quality traffic.

Integrate Tracking

In spite of costly alternatives available in the market, Google Adwords offers a reasonable option to integrate perfectly with Google Analytics. Users must connect their accounts at first and then sign up for conversion monitoring through Google Adwords. It will then be easier for a user to determine the keyword that was used to refer a person to their website.

Adding more Ad Copies

Users must create ad copies to enable Google to determine the advertisements that fetch the maximum CTRs so that they are displayed more. Making more ad copies also help to delete the least performing ads of all and make modifications to the ones performing better to make them look more attractive.

Indulging in making perpetual adjustments to the account

Beginners must not adopt a carefree attitude to a newly created Adwords accounts. They should be proactive enough to add and delete keywords, optimize ad copying and play with their bids and daily budgets. Beginners must not also neglect the quality of their home page to enable a friendly Google Adwords campaign. Hence, it is advisable to point ads to the most relevant and conversion friendly page that can be found.

Avoid pursuing content and search networks

Beginners should disable this function till the time they learn more about it. Content aiming compares advertisements based on the merits of the blog or the website. Translation and click through rates change dramatically for each search property, which is unlike keyword matching. Ideally Keyword matching must be mastered first followed by content targeting.


The tips mentioned above are comprehensive in their approach for making Adwords useful to newcomers willing to increase the value of their online transactions and solicit more traffic to their websites.


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