How to Setup a Forum on Your Blog with WordPress Forum Plug-in?

WordPress is one of the numerous blogging tools on the internet. Released on May of 2003 by founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, it has maintained its status of being the most popular blogging system used. It has a listing of many stunning template themes you can select from. You can install different widgets supported by WordPress to customize the look of your blog site. Now, if you want to setup a forum on your blog using a WordPress forum plugin, these are some which will help you in creating one.

Mingle Forum

If you want it to be simple then Mingle Forum can work out for you. It has been adjusted and designed to be secure, adaptable and easy to use. It is also quick to setup and is also compatible with WordPress. Just give yourself 5minutes of installation and voila a simple and cool discussion forum is ready to use!


WP-Forum is one of the simplest WP plugins which can be downloaded. This is created and suitably designed to make a simple forum discussion based on your interest and in your tag cloud. Some of its notable features are its ability to customize your admin interface by switching from the three types of skins available for the forum. It also has a security and permission counter which can allow or not allow unauthorized posting. It can prevent spam and unregistered mailings and messages. If you are a minimalist in nature, then a WP-forum would be best for you.


bbPress is a forum plugin supported by WordPress which will never get you annoyed, irritated and problematic by the countless spam and forum groups. It is within the web standards and can adapt even with your low bandwidth internet. It is easy to use and incorporate. It has a simple yet trendy interface; templates are very easy to customize. Many users connive that this is the best option for having a discussion forum in your WordPress site.

wordpress forum plugins

Forum Server

If you want an advanced version of WP-Forum plugin then, Forum Server is the ideal one for you. It will get all the data and information presented by all those who registered on your blog and integrate them in your forum discussions. Now, the tricky part is that it is more complicated in comparison with bbPress because of features added. If you want the complex and the added forum characteristics, then start downloading the Forum Server and start the chit-chats in your WordPress site!

Simple: Press Forum

Similarly, this plugin is a bit complicated and tricky to use compared with a bbPress. It has lots of different icons and themes to choose from. Like the Forum Server, it can also integrate your database table or WP user logins. Among the many WordPress forum plugins, Press Forum has the most beneficial and functional features available!

These are among the WordPress plugins you can choose from. Whether you want it simple, minimalist, complicated or advanced, a suitable forum plugin would just make your life online more fun and connected.

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