How to Start a Blog and Make Money without Investment

Blogs are online diary which everyone can easily create to share their ideas. These are a great way to help you make money without investment. You can earn money by running ads, selling ad space and even doing product reviews from your blogs. Read on to learn more about how to start a blog and earn money without any investment.

Blogging on Blog spot

Blogging platforms like,, etc allow you to create free blogs easily. If your intention is to earn money then it would be wise to choose blogger as your blogging platform. Unlike other blogging platforms, blogger offers some exclusive features. Google, the internet giant owns which adds new features regularly. You can easily include ads in your blogger blog while other platforms don’t allow you to do so.

First you need to create an account on After creating your account, your sub domain will be like- and you get a free hosting. You should not stop at this. You should focus on running Google Adsense ads in your blog. But before that you must choose a topic to write for your blog.

Be wise in Choosing your Topic

make money without investment

Choosing your topic is extremely important for the success of your blog. So give it a good start by heading in the right path. The topic you choose should be interesting and have a profitable market online. Since you are a new blogger, you may not have an idea about which topic has lot of advertisers and buyers as well. To help you with this, Google offers Google Adwords Free Keyword tool to find specific keywords you could write upon. For instance, you enter “marketing jobs” in the keyword field as you are interested to post the latest marketing jobs in your blog. After you click on the search, you get the keyword suggestion results. Look for the area you are comfortable to blog on, check for the advertisers. If you find less or no advertisers, you should not go for that. Also you need to check search volumes because you cannot simply write upon something people do not search at all. Thus finding the right keyword will boost your online business.

Start writing

Once you are done with the topic selection, start writing unique articles in your blog. Don’t copy content from other blogs because Google search engine may ban your blog. You need to do off-page SEO in order to get links from other blogs to your post. Write around 30-50 interesting posts and apply for Google Adsense. It takes around 2-3 days to notify you of the approval. After the approval, you can insert ads in your blog and start earning on every click on them. In case, your approval is denied, try to post more articles in your blog and reapply. You can see how much you have earned in your Adsense reports. Adsense also provide you with the complete guidelines of how to insert ad code inside your template or customize the appearance of the ads for free. Moreover, you get lot of other programs for free to make money online without investment.

Make money by writing articles

You can join sites like, as a writer and earn money by writing for them. If you can prove yourself of writing quality articles, you really have a good market to cash in on. Even if nobody hires you, don’t lose hope. Your free blog is always there to prove yourself. All you need to learn is how to optimize your content for search engines and get the returns out of your effort. Keep writing fresh articles for the leading freelance networks like, and get paid without having to invest anything.

Thus by picking an interesting topic, writing well and telling all your friends, you’ll get lot of traffic to your blog and become a six-figure blogger.

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