How To Use Social Media To Find the Latest Currency News

Social media is usually considered quite a fun thing to use, whether it’s keeping up to date with friends or simply following a favourite celebrity or sports star.However, increasingly the possibilities of social media are being realized in other areas, from recruitment through to advertising campaigns with companies keen to reach a whole new audience.

Currency news is probably not often described as the most exciting of reads, but accessing it is essential for many people. Here’s an explanation of how social media could help you stay up to date with the comings and goings in the currency world.

Keep up to date on Facebook

Facebook may well be the place when drunken photographs are often posted but it can also be a very helpful source of information.

An increasing number of companies are opting to create a Facebook page, usually set up on a public basis so that you can go in and browse the information at your leisure. If the firm is social media-savvy, the page will be kept up to date with news, views and deals making it easier to follow what’s going on without having to go to the trouble of visiting their website.

If you are one of the millions of people that use their smartphone to access the internet, you could find following currency news on social media easier because you can use the specific Facebook app rather than having to type in a web address.

You could also opt to join the group (if one has been set up) or ‘like’ the page if you want to receive notifications about updates or posts which have been made.

news feed

Twitter mad

The whole world has gone Twitter crazy with everyone from athletes to politicians broadcasting their thoughts and news for anyone to see.

But it also has the potential to provide so much more besides.

Although Twitter limits the number of characters in each post, it is still possible to use it as a medium to find good quality currency news. Opting to follow a company means you will be able to see all their posts each time you log in to your account, and simply clicking on any links they Tweet should take you to the latest currency news they are broadcasting.

More and more companies are opting to use Twitter in this way as they understand that the public find it a much more convenient way of accessing information.

What could be easier than simply clicking a link in a Tweet whilst you are browsing for your favourite celeb news?

And there’s more…

Although Facebook and Twitter are undoubtedly two of the most well-known forms of social media, there are many other sites such as Tumblr and LinkedIn which can provide the same kind of service.

If a currency company has an account on Tumblr, you may find this is one of the easiest ways to keep up to date with the latest news. Tumblr is designed to provide a platform for blogs, so rather than simply providing a link to another site, you could find the information you need posted directly. With an app for smartphones, as well as instant access from the internet with no membership required, Tumblr is one of the simplest ways to use social media.

LinkedIn is well known for being a more professional network, a good way to develop professional contacts as well as advertise your expertise. However, it is possible to create groups and an increasing number of companies are developing their LinkedIn presence as a way of driving more traffic to their website. You could well find that your favourite currency news provider has opted to use LinkedIn for the very same reason.



There are a huge number of companies, organisations and groups on all forms of social media and the trick is simply finding one that provides information in a clear format which is accurate and easy to understand. Once you have found the right latest currency news provider which broadcasts on social media, using Facebook, Twitter or other platforms such as Pinterest, Google+ or even YouTube to keep up to date with currency information should be easy. Providing of course you don’t get distracted by the myriad of other posts, Tweets and photos….

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