How to Write Product Reviews That Convert

Writing a review of a product is a very powerful way to market it to a blog’s audience. Many bloggers have used this tool to bless their readers with quality content, whilst they make money by doing so. However, not all product reviews have been as successful as planned. Most bloggers write reviews only to get disappointed by the negligence from their readers. And you are afraid of this happening to you.

So what can you do to avoid this plague? Where can you run to?

Well, lucky you, you ran to the right place.

I’ve sat down to do a solid research about the secret behind the most successful reviews done by bloggers online – using Smart Passive Income (SPI) and other notable blogs to support my research – and below are some of what I learned.

Know the Product You’re Reviewing

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What I see most bloggers do nowadays is just agree to write a review of a product they know next to nothing about, so far they get paid for it. This shouldn’t be. You should strive to know what you want to review on your blog, it’s your right and you’re entitled to it.

Don’t let some company come and compel you to write a review of their product just because they want to pay you for it.

If you write reviews for products you know nothing about, your readers will hate your product reviews and that will hurt your earning potentials. Once companies notice that the readers of your blog are not responsive to reviews, they will run from you. And they know their ways of knowing how responsive your readers are to you product reviews.

Always make sure you know all is needed to be known about a product/service before writing anything about it on your blog.

Be Your Audience

By being your audience, you are assuming the position of the person your review is aimed at. Being an innocent web surfer, desperately in search for a product that you hope will solve your needs, what would you want to hear from a blog you trust? Would you like to read some vague article that does not describe the total functionalities, pros, cons, advantages and disadvantages of the product being reviewed?

I think by positioning yourself as the person you are writing the product review for, coupled with first-hand experience of the product you are reviewing, you will be able to produce one of the best reviews that product can ever get. And anyone who, however, makes the decision to buy that product after reading your review will buy it because he has seen what he wants.

Be Frank and Honest

Finally, you want to be sincere with your readers. What do you think you don’t like about a product you want to review on your blog, share it with your readers! You noticed some weak point to a product a company wants you to share with your readers, go straight to the point and share it with your readers.

Overall, let your readers know everything they deserve to know about any product you want them to buy on your blog. Don’t sugar-coat your words and don’t fall on the side of the company paying you to review their product because you want them to come back to you another day.


If you can take the tips in this article and implement them in any product review you want to write on your blog, readers will like and appreciate you for it and will also patronize you – and ultimately you’ll get more clients who want you to review their products on your blog.

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