I Ball Mobile Company

The brand I ball company has decided to take part in mobile world.The grand success holding pc manufacturing company has decided to register there name in mobile market.In India over 700 millions of people are being mobile phone subscribers.The 250 million of handsets are getting demand over India.By keeping this message the I ball company has decide to bring there product according to the age group.

The range has been figured as seven categories: waterproof,senior,flip,posh,touch,shaan and sleec.Additionally they have added an features as SOS button,this will send an siren alert to the surrounding people to request an help as in danger and also start to dial the 5 number which has been fixed as default one by other until the call has been picked.

The handset has been made as waterproof keeping the India weather condition.The mobile will be slim and with 8mm in thickness as an addition the mobile will comes with dual battery,dual sim and dual camera option.The Iball has decided to launch the handset over 400 cities with 500 distributors across the country.

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