I Have Multiple Domain Names Now What?

With the best ideas we get over the internet, we sometimes have so may domains names that seem to be sitting idle. It’s not free to just have the domain names, and a time comes when we have to renew them. And a debate will rage over in our minds as to the worthiness of them. Spending more than 90 dollars on a course that does not bring benefits may not really be worth it. Today we shall know the option available when faced with this situation.

Take no Action – choosing not to renew is an option available to you. If not fruit experienced with having this domain name, then it may not be really worthwhile renewing it. This is a choice that many opt for.

Parking it – another option that exists is to park it. Here you still get revenue from the companies offering the services, Sedo is one company that offers this service and is also the most popular. What they do is to utilize your page with a lot of advert and end up stripping your domains of traffic, since the content will be overshadowed by the constant advert being displayed on the sites, and hence your ranking with search engine traffic will deteriorate drastically and your rank will be lowered. Choosing a smaller player in the field like benepark. com is more advisable , since they have your best interest at heart, in that they will still create for you more links as well as adding good content. All they get is a small fee of between 5 to 30 dollars every month. This is a small price to bear considering how your site will be still progressing every day and having increased traffic.

multiple domain names

Auction them Off – there are companies who specialize in this service. Companies like aforementioned Sedo and buy domains.com  are available for auctions, they attract countless people who in their auctions where they sell and buy many domains, some of the domains are bought and then repackaged. Having a high reserve value may not be very wise, since they are so many domains and one can easily chose a cheaper option for you. And if the reserve price is not reached then your site may end up staying idle for long

Visit Domain Forums – attending domain forums is another great way of selling or appraising your domains. In this forums you get the actual truth about your page, it’s its worthless they you are assured to know about it. But if it’s worth something even if it’s small, you shall also know it and start receiving some income from it. Selling in this forum does not attract as much revenue, and all that should be factored is if you can at least  recover your costs.

The last is selling Directly – let not say you failed in upholding your domain, it may not have been a result of having no time and hence no effort being put into it. By selling it on ebay or contacting stores that are in the same business as you.


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