How To Use Stumbleupon To Increase Your Blogs And Websites Traffic

StumbleUpon is one of the best traffic generators among all social media websites. It allows to discover new and interesting things across the Web. A simple but efficient tool the “Stumble” button which is used to discover videos, photos,web pages and more.

Here are some ways that can help your StumbleUpon marketing be successful

Personalize your page:

First you must personalize your page,so fill out your basic information to tell people who you are, share with the community what your interest and upload an avatar.Write a welcoming greeting on your profile,when users view your profile if they like your greeting then they will like to view your websites which you have shared in your profile page .If people are browsing the user community they will get to know about you.

Find stumblers based on your interest:

stumbleupon interest

Be specific in following people.There are number of categories available in stumbleupon where you can start stumbling according to your interest,and also find people who has same interest like you.It is a good place to stay connected with number of people’s globally. Add as many friends as possible, then start “following” them. Once you start following,in turn they follow you back.Here is a link in which start connecting with people easier “” and replace the keyword with topics you are interested in. It will show you stumblers who are interested in the same topics and the stumbleupon followers limit is upto 500 only so try to have relevant followers based on your topics.

Join communities:

Stumbleupon allows to join communities which relates to your interest and your business.By joining these communities you get to know other stumbleupon users.A single person can join upto 63 groups in stumbleupon.

Increase Traffic With Stumbleupon

Stumble often:

Just submitting your page alone is not enough for your business,stumble frequently then only your followers will be interested to know about your shares and also they would like to share with their followers too.As a result you will receive high ratings and more traffic to your website.

Add an attractive title:

Title plays the major role in stumbleupon. Most of the people read only the headline so It must be eye catcher of your content. Make it easier for people to find your content. This makes users to read the whole post and share with their friends too.Through this you can get more followers as well as more traffic. Apart from title ,It is important to label and tag your submission properly. Use relevant keywords and tags for your submissions.

Share content from variety of sources:

Stumble content from variety of blogs as well as mixture of photos,videos,articles etc.You should always stumble more content from other sources than your own links. Avoid stumbling content that doesn’t add value to others.

Connect with your followers:

It is important to share your content directly with your followers. Always send a personal message when you share content with other members,and share the content which your followers publish too.It is most important thing to be followed in stumbleupon community.

Interact with other stumblers:

Every comment is important,it is a chance to show how well you write and think. When people read your comments they will see your profile and your article what you have shared. Identify a good blogs,read and contribute sincerely.

Start using StumbleUpon today and start getting more traffic to your website. I would like to hear your feedbacks on this topic,awaiting for your response.


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