YouTube: Why Am I Not Getting Any Views?

It is fulfilling to make videos and share them across social media. Not only do you get to express your ideas, but you can also earn a couple of viewers who have similar interests as you. However, starting out can be a difficult phase; there are hundreds of other videos that get more views than your own, which can be a discouraging situation.

It is not an easy task to increase YouTube views, and there are some reasons why your videos are not getting more attention than they should. Although having lesser views can result from simply just setting up a new account on the platform, there are still other factors to consider: 

The content may be inconsistent

Many users choose to subscribe a channel that caters to their interests. For example, if they are gamers, they would rather watch videos that also focus on games. They may not want to see any other content in your channel other than the main category you chose.

If you also want to make videos about another topic, you can make a new channel for it. Being inconsistent about the kind of content you post can confuse your viewers, and they may not want to watch or share your videos in the future.

Not using relevant keywords

Many users may not be aware of this, but videos have to be properly optimized to quickly promote your content. If you are not getting as many views, you might have failed to check on every aspect of your video; the title, description, and tags should contain all relevant keywords that can make users curious enough to consider watching your videos. The relevant keywords you add in your tags, title, and description also matter as they increase the traffic of your videos in the search results.


People may not like your videos

Harsh as it may be, it is a common occurrence for users to dislike certain videos, and yours may be one of them. It is important to create videos that are engaging, informative, and relatable, especially to the current generation. It’s best to avoid making videos that are half-baked as it will not guarantee an increase in YouTube views.

The quality should be at its best, both in content and in editing. Many people have short attention span, and you have to make sure you catch their attention in the first couple of seconds in your videos.

You have not shared your videos on other platforms

Social media has a wide scope, and one way to increase YouTube views is to post your videos on other sites. For instance, there’s Facebook and Twitter for you to provide links to your videos. Your friends from other platforms will be made aware of your content, and they may even consider sharing them with others if they like it. If you simply isolate yourself earning views on YouTube alone, you may not be able to get as much attention as you want.

Lack of engagement

You may have simply ended your video— or decided to just give quick thanks or a goodbye. Viewers may feel detached. It is important to make them stay while you are in the continuous process of getting more views. You may ask them to subscribe you or ask them questions about their thoughts on your video. Some YouTube users also read comments and reply to them to increase interaction and get more ideas.

Wrong information

Although you may have been able to make quality videos, they wouldn’t matter if they would cause confusion among viewers and make them feel misinformed. Whatever you may discuss in your videos, they have to be factual when needed. If you look and sound unsure of your words in front of the camera, you may not get yourself as much visitors.

Your delivery is not enough

One important way to increase YouTube views is to connect your audience to your content. In other words, if people get completely bored with the video, they would rather watch something else. You have to take an extra mile in order to convey your message. For instance, informative videos do not have to feel like a burden to watch. You can choose to spice up facts by adding a touch of humor. In this way, people may learn more about what you have shared.

Ways to Get YouTube Views

After considering the things you should not do, it is also important to know two ways to increase YouTube views, knowing that you have done your videos well and are ready to be shared.

Add playlists

More often than not, playlists can efficiently categorize your content. They contain a list of videos that auto-play one after the other. Playlists are also convenient additions since they appear frequently and separately in search results. For instance, you have a playlist for animals, as well as a video about giraffes; viewers may come in streams since people may either search for giraffes or animals in general, giving a wider scope for views.

Ask your viewers

Once you chance upon viewers who like your content, take note of the comments they make. They can have requests of the kind of video they want to see next, which can be helpful for ideas on the content you will make in the future. Connecting to the rest of the community is one way to increase YouTube views.

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Katherine Lane is a content writer for Buy Real Marketing whose expertise is focused on YouTube Marketing. With her expertise, she understands the essence and importance of such. Thus, integrating her skills in the field of content writing to help individuals and businesses that are into YouTube niche


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