Interesting Features of Siri App for iPhone users

So, you are very interested in the working, features and versatility of the Apple’s assistant which speaks and understands many languages. You will be amazed to know that this application is waiting for a huge update for iOS 6 which easily runs on all the Apple products like iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

What is Siri?

Siri is considered as the knowledge navigator and an intelligent personal assistant for the users which runs on iOS platform of Apple. The company boasts that this application ahs got the capability to adjust to the customer needs and personal needs in time and as per the working location. It can accomplish a number of tasks such as getting you the right directions, searching the nearby restaurants and every activity which can be connected to your individual preferences. At the same time, it will answer your queries, perform actions and make recommendation. It can contact a number of web applications and server to meet your demands and needs.


Maintaining the created market niche – everyone loves Siri to use

Right from the time of its release and announcement, Siri has tried to remain in the spotlight all over the world. The digital assistant has been in the limelight due to its excellent features and a wide variety of capabilities to improve your personal experiences. Some of the experts though also claim that this software needs to be updated in a lot of departments and the steps have been taken to improve it on the newer platform of iOS which is yet to be released. Some of the targeted improvements for the iOS 6 Siri are mentioned below –

Quick and easy access to the sports scores
Contacts and calendar can be easily integrated with Facebook.
Supporting some more languages in the updated version
Movie listings
Restaurant recommendations
Many more innovations are yet to be announced

Features of existing Siri

• Siri voice assistant helps you to updating the Facebook status and tweeting on just a command.
• The optimization has already been done to Siri to be used in 15 different countries and a lot more is yet scheduled to come in the near future.

• Siri supports a wide variety of languages that include Japanese, German, French, Italian, Spanish,Korean and English including the added support.

• Everything will be achieved using your voice command and it will be controlled through your voice.

Amazing facts about Siri


• About 33% of the Siri users accomplish tasks like searching the internet, making voice calls and sending text messages with this application.

• More than half the Siri users consider the digital voice assistant as completely satisfying.

• When you look for something on the internet, Siri will automatically search for the same on the Google by default.

• It can accomplish a lot of different tasks such as calories calculation and calculating tips for you at dinner.

Most of the people still consider this application as the future tool that should be on their commonly used devices. They are also waiting for the updates for Siri.


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