Internet Security: Three things not to take for Granted

Getting the best performance from what we engage in on the internet is the prime thing for most of us. And we often neglect other important things just for the sake of how much we want to make from our little time and other resources. This has, however, led many to lose important things on the internet. Taking security for granted on the internet has cost many a lot of things. You should learn to keep things that very important to you away from intruders by trying your best to make sure that you are very secure online.

You should also know things you should not take for granted when working online, so that you won’t end up being hacked. Below are three very important things no one should take for granted when working on the internet.

User Password

Your user password is a set of secret code you have to input for you to gain access to important places online: it might be your email account, your bank account or you online backup folder. While choosing a password for your online account, you should put security above every other thing you might want to consider, followed by how memorable the password is to you – and not others.

internet security software

If you don’t want your password to be compromised, it must contain at least 5 letters, figures and if possible a symbol. You should also note that the length of your password can also determine how strong it would be.

Browser History

Secondly, your browser history should be taken into consideration if you are to expect high security on the internet. Certain pages store your activities on their website in your browser so that it’ll be easier for you to gain access to them when next you try to login on the same computer, but the disadvantage outweighs the benefits.

By having your browser history stored on a computer, you risk losing confidentiality of it to anyone that makes use of that particular computer – and if it’s a public computer, others using the same website might gain access to your account easily by using the same computer you’ve used.

To clear your browser history, you can press “ctrl + shift + delete” while the browser is still running. This will display a prompt screen asking you either to delete all the history stored on the computer or to select certain things to delete. You can delete all or just your passwords.

System Security and Monitoring Programs

They are expensive, that’s right but that’s because these monitoring programs are worth it. You can either go for Norton or Verisign or even Avira. But to get the cost trimmed down, you should search for Norton antivirus discount coupons or Verisign discount codes.

You should always make sure your antivirus program is regularly updated, and you should run regular system scan for viruses – to be sure you don’t have viruses in your computer.

Viruses can steal your passwords; browser history and other important confidential data stored on your computer and transfer it through the internet to their programmers. And the outcome might be terrible.

Use these tips to stay secure on the internet and share them with your friends and colleagues.


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