Introducing EMR Apps for Doctors

So, it was Apple’s bend to serve doctors first by implementing apps for EMR! When it comes to a patient’s medical records, the first thing that goes crucial is the privacy and security. Gone are the days where doctors store their beloved patients’ medical records in their bureaus and shelves, which might carry few hundreds of paper prints and reports. Today, in a world where technology prospers every second, there is a solution for every dust.

Technological advancements are being tasted by every field today and medical field is never an exception for this. Isn’t it truly surprising to hear that doctors can carry their patient records on their mobile devices? Yup, Apple has accomplished this act with the launch of iPhone EMR app. These kind of apps are quite significant to make better decisions and enable collaboration to enhance clinical outcomes.

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Doctors are much thankful for this app, as they could get up-to-date information of their patients, wherever they go. The features also include findings, charts, images (non-diagnostic quality images), clinical orders, risk factors, demographics, lab results, progress notes, DRG, diagnoses, procedure codes, etc. The app enables an easy clinical data entry which involves progress notes, personal memos and clinical tasks. You are also able to configure the order of all EMR facets according to your preferences. EMR apps are in favor to a number of health care professionals in medical fields, dentistry, physicians and service centers.

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Though iPhones and iPads have been helpful for medicine-ers in a number of ways, this app will surely make them recognize how beneficial EMR apps have been in their practices and as reference tools for their day-to-day work. Apple gives an excellent demo on how their electronic health record worked from the desktop to the iPhone and then to the iPad. The brand has always taken initiatives to serve the medical industry in a multiple number of ways. When Apple first came out with iPhone, it marked its potentiality in the medical industry. Apple worked relatively closer to Epocrates and made sure that it was one of the first applications for the iPhone and it was even featured when the iPhone 2G was  exposed.

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On viewing Apple’s web page you could see how their various platforms are used in health care and the way it links six different electronic medical record companies. MacPractice, SpringCharts, ComChart, The Life Records, Practice Solutions and PowerMed are these six different companies. On analyzing all these six companies one thing is clear: Apple is catering more towards small practices and individual physicians rather than huge hospitals. One reason for this could be, these hospital could be focusing of big time players like Siemens.

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